What is fate?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 28, 2013
What is fate?

All people, faced with a particular problem, are looking for its solution. No matter what output they find, it is not always winning. But regardless of the outcome of the decision, people come to believe that such was their fate, from which one cannot hide. Is this true and what is fate? Let's consider the opinions of different people.

Philosophical view

Under the fate understand the totality of events occurring in a person's life. If we look at the philosophical view of fate, we can conclude that a person does not go with the flow, but creates his own life, and only he is responsible for everything that happens in it, and he has no one to blame. Thus, philosophy rejects evil fate, and recognizes that fate is in the hands of a man who can change it at any moment.

Destiny in mythology and religion

Religion and mythology view fate as the fate or predestination of all events in human life. Man cannot change it; he must only submit to it. The ancient Greeks considered fate as something higher, before which even the gods from Olympus are not powerful, on which it also affects.According to religion, the fate of every person is recorded and he has no right to change it, since God has predetermined this way and man cannot argue with him. And who tries to do this, he will be severely punished, because he wants to violate the divine destiny.

Opinion of esoteric

Many esotericists agree that fate is a white sheet on which each person can write what he wants. Fate is not predetermined at all, it depends on the choice of each person, and only he is responsible for all the good and bad that is in it. This definition of esotericism is supported by the fact that the creator could not leave a person without a choice, just look at how many times we make a choice every day.

Two camps

If you ask people on the street about what fate means, you can get a lot of often conflicting opinions. But basically all people are divided into 2 camps. The first will adhere to the opinion that destiny is predetermined, and a person will not be able to do anything, and the only right decision is not to resist fate and go with the flow, accepting it. The second one, on the contrary, will prove that everything is in our hands,and that our life depends solely on how we can build it, and the bricks in it are our daily decisions. And they will be able to cite many examples that can also be considered from two sides. However, these two camps converge only in one, that in life there is hope for a miracle.

A conclusion can be made only one, no matter how a person looks at fate and whatever value he attaches to it, it does not cease to exist and influence the course of a person’s life.

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