What is freestyle?

December 19, 2014
What is freestyle?

Many have probably heard such a word as freestyle from television screens or from the mouth of modern youth. What is freestyle? The word is foreign and it is literally translated as - free style.

The word freestyle is commonly used in the fields of sports and music. Let's see what kinds of freestyle are.


Freestyle is one of the main types in skiing. Freestyle includes disciplines such as a half-pipe, slopestyle, ski cross, ski acrobatics, mogul. Basically, the essence of freestyle in skiing comes down to the fact that the skier demonstrates difficult elements while passing the track. Most often these are acrobatic elements performed during a flight after a springboard.


Freestyle on a skateboard was coined almost immediately after the invention of the skateboard itself. A feature of freestyle on a skateboard is that its elements must be performed on a straight surface.


One of the varieties of skydiving is freestyle.In parachute freestyle parachutist, who is in free fall, performs different body rotation, takes a variety of poses, the purpose of which is aesthetic beauty.


Freestyle also did not go around football fans. There is such a sport as freestyle with a ball. The bottom line is that the player performs various complex elements with the ball in the air or on the surface.

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