What is good e-book?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
March 27, 2013
What is good e-book?

E-book is becoming increasingly popular, and this is a fact. What is the reason for such an active distribution of it, what good is the e-book?

  • Even on a small built-in memory card can fit a huge number of files. And this means that you will always have a decent library at your fingertips containing several tens of thousands of books.
  • E-book saves you space, because it combines thousands of paper books that could flood your home.
  • The e-book has additional functions, for example - player, organizer, games, and others. Not everyone uses them, but there is a possibility, nevertheless.
  • This book is not inferior to its paper counterpart in terms of perception on the eyes. Vision does not spoil, and the eyes get tired much less than when reading books from a computer monitor.
  • E-book has a convenient navigation. In almost all books, you can bookmark the place where you left off. It is also possible to make a description in some places.And all important information the device remembers automatically. For example, you can immediately open the place where you stopped. In addition, you can sort the books into folders to organize files. In a word, to find a particular file, you do not have to spend a lot of time on it. With a reasonable organization of the virtual space, this will take a few minutes.
  • And finally, we got to the price of electronic readers. It is clear that a good e-book costs about ten thousand rubles, however, it can be found cheaper. According to an expert, this book will pay off in six months, because you don’t have to pay to download books on the Internet. And if you buy paper counterparts, it will be much more expensive, because now the books are far expensive.

In general, in our opinion, there are much more advantages in electronic books over paper books.

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