What is GPS navigator?

Surely most of us, before any trip, got on the Internet to find the right street, place, and generally the way. Or on the way we studied paper maps in which it is quite difficult to see the streets or settlements. And it is better to spend time on it before the trip, and not just before the departure. And, in order to alleviate our torment, GPS navigators appeared, which, at present, are simply indispensable for those who like traveling by car. These devices without problems find the necessary addresses and lay the shortest routes to the destination, and their great diversity immediately makes you wonder what kind of GPS navigator you need directly.

The market for automotive GPS navigators is developing quite rapidly, which leads to the appearance of a large number of new models and brands. But such a moment is not always joyful, because at once people begin to think about which GPS navigator to choose and just get lost in their diversity.

Criteria for choosing a GPS navigator

Let's consider some criteria for choosing a GPS navigator for your car:

  • Cartography. This feature is probably the most important in the device. But before you think about which GPS navigator is better, you need to decide for which trips you need it - in Russia or abroad. If your trips are limited to the territory of a city, region or country, then it is better to choose domestic software, but if you are planning trips abroad, it is better to give preference to foreign navigation programs created on the basis of foreign cartography. Among the maps for car GPS navigators are Garmin, iGO, Navteq, PocketGPS Pro, TomTom, Avtosputnik, Navitel.
  • Case and display. The average display size is about five inches, but there are more and less displays. When choosing a GPS navigator according to this criterion, it should be understood that the larger the display, the more convenient it is to use it while driving. But immediately it should be noted that the price of this device will be much higher. Small GPS navigators also have some advantages, you can take them with you when you walk on foot or by bike, and GPS navigators with a large display are convenient in viewing photos or videos.As for the body of the product - it is usually plastic, less aluminum. Here it is necessary to consider the use of the GPS navigator itself. The navigator, with a plastic case, can be safely thrown into a pocket, even if there are already keys and any other objects there, because the plastic case is resistant to scratches and abrasions. The only disadvantage of GPS navigators with such a case is its unpresentable appearance, unlike GPS navigators with an aluminum case, which will add solidity to any car.
  • Additional functions. If you choose a GPS navigator, which one to buy, you, of course, will be advised by consultants who sell it, and also they will tell about the additional functions of this or that device. After all, additional features must also be considered when buying this thing. For example, in some GPS navigators there is a “Jam” function, there are devices with BlueTooth, so that you can talk on your mobile phone without using your hands. There are even models in which there is a function to connect the rear view, as well as a media player and a TV tuner, which will decorate your time in traffic jams.
  • Ergonomic. This feature includes the presence or absence of voice control, power and type of attachment.Thanks to voice control, you can fully concentrate on the road, since the GPS navigator will tell you where to turn or stop by voice. Food - there is surely nothing to say. You just need to think about whether you will have enough charge from home to any computer, or whether you choose a model with a car charger - you decide. Also, it is a lot of important to think about the type of fastening, namely about its convenience and reliability.
  • Brand What is the best GPS navigator, in relation to the brand, is quite difficult to answer. And all because currently there are a lot of manufacturers of GPS navigators. You can only select the most popular and popular - Digma, Garmin, Globus, TeXet, xDevice, TomTom, Medion, Falk.
  • Application area. Now GPS navigators have a fairly extensive scope. They can work on land, but there are those who work in water, for example, at sea. In one device, functions of automobile, bicycle, sea, aviation, and motorcycle GPS navigators are sometimes connected, which is quite convenient and quickly paid back if you use this device all the time.

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