Happiness is the concept of maximum degree of generalization. There is no precise definition of this term. There is no doubt that happiness turns out to be different for each person. In one of our articles we wrote about happiness, under the prism of love. What else does happiness mean and how to achieve it? Let's think about it together.

What is happiness for a person?

What does happiness mean and how to achieve it? So many questions arise in the head when we hear from another that he is happy. Many philosophers and thinkers believe that happiness is a dynamic and short-term process. You can not be in a constant, constant stay of happiness, because then, this feeling will turn into a routine, from which, there will be a need to leave. Thus, it is impossible to achieve permanent happiness. Everyone knows that there are moments in life that are never forgotten and during which a person does not notice anything around. He only enjoys. The combination of these moments, it seems to us, and every single one of them, make up the happiness in our life.Therefore, to be happy, you need to be able to notice and appreciate these moments. Live in a constant sense of self. You should not be stuck for a long time on thoughts of the past or the future, since all this is not real. Nature has awarded man memory and the ability to see the future - this is a real gift of fate. But along with memory and awareness, we lose the ability to live here and now, which can deprive us of the feeling of life itself and complete merging with it. And in many respects the experience of a merger at the moment here and now - this is a bit of happiness.

Sayings of great people about happiness:

  • Anna Akhmatova:

"He is happy who passed in the midst of torment

Among the anxieties and passions of a noisy life,

Like a rose, that color is thoughtless,

And it's easier on the waters of the traveling shadow. "

  • Emile Zola:

"The only happiness in life is the constant striving forward."

  • Theodore Dreiser:

The goal of life should be happiness, otherwise the fire will not burn brightly enough, the driving force will not be powerful enough - and success will not be complete.

As you have noticed, different authors and philosophers talk about happiness in human life from different positions. This once again confirms the thesis put forward at the beginning of the article.Happiness is not amenable to any statistical framework and mathematical matrices. Search for happiness should be your own. Do not even look for him, but create conditions for his appearance. Nobody needs someone else's happiness. Unfortunately, in our world, the mass media that broadcast fashion have a huge impact on the lives of people. This negatively affects the fate and psychological well-being of people, because the media instill in them patterns of behavior. What you need to achieve happiness? We receive a very capacious answer from the external environment, however, this is an alien experience that cannot be accepted by our being. Happiness is built from within.

What does a person need for happiness?

In scientific psychology, and we emphasize the word "scientific", the secret of happiness is built on several components. In total, there are 4 spheres of human life, the balance between which can be regarded as a guarantor of a happy and psychologically healthy life. The first area is physiological and mental health. The second area is family and close people. The third area is labor. This refers to work, career and so on. The fourth sphere is mental balance.The last of these areas, but not the last in importance, implies those manifestations of a person that are especially valuable to him. Here may be a favorite thing, there may be a special value of some kind of relationship, there may be a special vision of the world and ideas that people value. Based on one theory, a person is happy if he reaches an equal percentage between all 4 blocks. If something outweighs, then another sphere suffers, and ultimately the person is unhappy.

What is happiness for a person? Dear reader, strive for harmony in your life. Know how to work, but know how to relax. Know how to take care of loved ones, but also about yourself. All this should be equally. Here it is, psychologically scientific happiness.

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