What is harmful sex?

To date, scientists have already proven that sex is an excellent stimulator of the heart, normalizes blood flow and contributes to the release of endorphin - the hormone of happiness. However, what are the consequences after having sex? What can be harmful sex? What is harmful anal sex? Now we will try to answer all these questions.

Always, when we meet a loved one, it is simply necessary and vital for us to prove our love to him. In addition to the usual for all courtship and romantic flirting, intimate intimacy takes a special place. Sex as an integral part of relationships throughout life takes on different forms. To reach orgasm, partners come up with different situations, sometimes they intentionally get into them, use different kinds of sex toys and come up with role-playing games. Sometimes, moving away from the usual norms of sexual life, lovers think about what sex is harmful. Let's consider different types of sex, and then it will be easier for us to answer this question.

Vaginal sex

The most classic and familiar way for us to enjoy.Absolutely harmless and even useful. The only exception is if sex is too intense and painful. Then, of course, you can bring an infection and get microcracks. Also, as a rule, doctors categorically exclude sex during menstruation, due to the high probability of getting an infection.

Anal sex

All doctors in one voice say that it is unnatural and dangerous, but people still engage in this type of sex to increase arousal and get new emotions. And yet, one should not ignore the doctors' instructions, because while having sex without a condom one can really get a number of infections. Also, if you start the process incorrectly and abruptly, you can get sphincter injuries, as well as fissures and ruptures of the rectum. To prevent this, use a large amount of specialized lubricant.

Oral sex

Some people treat him as sex, others - as a foreplay. The only thing that can be harmful to such sex is inaccuracy or inexperience of the partner. If a girl gives pleasure to a man in this way, she must be gentle and careful, unsharp and attentive, otherwise injuries cannot be avoided. From the side of a man, the same situation.If both partners are healthy, then contact with all sorts of secretions will be safe.

Sex using objects

Sometimes we want new thrills, and you should not worry about this, as you can buy everything you need in specialized stores. The most important thing - do not hesitate to consult with sellers and, as always, be extremely careful to use.


What is harmful sex? That's probably the simplest explanation for this question: sex is harmful when it goes into discrepancy with pleasure and becomes a burden. Some use different kinds of “toys” during sex: some of them increase the pleasure, others are created to satisfy the perverse fantasy of partners. There are groups of people who enjoy hitting, tying, and torturing - simply masochists. Sex for them causes only one harm, from which they enjoy. At this point, everyone should understand that they can damage their organs, including surgical intervention. Therefore, before you begin to distort, make sure that you are ready and aware of what is happening.

That's it! You just have to decide for yourself how and in what way to do this pleasant work, the main thing is that everything is mutual and safe.

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