What is impersonation?

Even in ancient times, people endowed surrounding objects and phenomena with human characteristics. For example, the earth was called mother, and the rain was compared with tears.

Over time, the desire to humanizeinanimate objects, but in literature and in conversation we still encounter these turns of speech. This figurative language tool has received the name impersonation. So, what is the avatar?

Impersonation: Definition and Functions

Incarnation is a literary device in which inanimate objects are endowed with properties that are inherent in living beings. Sometimes this turn of speech is called personification.

Incarnation is used by many prose writers and poets. For example, Yesenin can find the following lines: "Winter is singing, akkaet, shaggy forest is cuddling." It is clear that the winter as the time of the year can not make sounds, and the forest only makes noise because of the wind. Incarnation allows you to create a vivid image of the reader, convey the mood of the hero, emphasize some action.

What is the personification in the literature is understandable, butthis turn of speech is also used in colloquial speech. Familiar to all the phrases "milk ran away", "heart is upset", also are the personification. The use of this literary technique in conversation makes the speech imaginative and interesting. However, we do not even think about using this method.

You can also give examples of personifications. For example, we often say that it's raining (although the rain clearly has no legs) or the clouds are frowning (it is clear that the clouds can not experience any emotions).

In general, we can say that the personification issuch a literary revolution, in other words, the path of language, in which the inanimate is endowed with the signs and qualities of the living. Avatar is often confused with a metaphor. It is worthwhile to understand that a metaphor is just a figurative meaning of a word, a figurative comparison. For example - "golden autumn". Therefore, to distinguish the personification from other literary turns is very easy.

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