What is intoxication?

Often, people hear from doctors such a terrible word as “intoxication.” What is intoxication, what is provoked and what types is divided into? This will be discussed in this article.

Intoxication - what is it

In simple terms - poisoning of the body caused by any toxic substances. Moreover, factors such as internal and external origin can contribute to such a state.

Internal factors - the poisoning of the body with toxins, which the body itself produces, without taking them out for the necessary period of time. And external - for example, various toxins that produce microbes, or the entry into the body of toxic substances. To the general surprise, it is the activity of microbes and viruses that causes symptoms such as headache, pain in the joints, etc., which is characteristic of viral and acute respiratory diseases. Also today very often intoxication occurs when people do self-medication.

How intoxication proceeds

The first reaction of the body to the toxins is very vigorous and often manifests itself in different ways. The exact name is a generalized reaction. In some cases, toxins strike the nervous system, causing neurotoxicosis and encephalopathy. In other cases, general intoxication of the body contributes to the removal of fluid from the body, disrupting the work of the adrenal glands. Although the symptoms of intoxication are different, but in many cases it manifests itself: apathy, weakness, disturbed sleep and temperature, poor appetite, unstable pressure.

After the first stage of development of the syndrome, toxins concentrate their activities on any one organ. In most cases, the blow heroically takes the liver, since it is this organ that first finds out strangers in the body and tries to neutralize them. Although the kidneys are also quite often affected, as they work hard, removing toxins from the body along with urine. In all cases, intoxication begins very rapidly and is very difficult.

Several types of intoxication

  • Waterhouse-Frideriksen syndrome is a very strong intoxication of the body.As a rule, this type of intoxication is caused by toxins occurring during meningococcal infections. It is characterized by a sharp rise in temperature up to 40 degrees. The patient's skin begins to fade and perhaps even a bright rash appears. At first, the patient cannot find a place for himself, but later subsides and then the state of health deteriorates sharply. The condition in this syndrome is very serious, sometimes leading to coma.
  • Intoxication accompanied by acute renal failure. Disturbances in the body: the development of anemia, an increase in the level of platelets in the blood, impaired kidney function. Symptoms - swollen lips, eyelids and nose, disturbed stool, pain in the stomach, vomiting, yellow skin, nosebleeds. With this type of intoxication, dehydration is a great danger. This syndrome can develop even after vaccination.
  • Reye's syndrome. Children up to 3 years of age suffer more. The causes of intoxication are enterovirus or other respiratory diseases. The first few days the disease may resemble the common cold or poisoning. But later, the child begins to hypertonicity, there may be convulsions and severe vomiting.The child's condition worsens, breathing becomes faster.

In addition to all of these, there are also many other types of intoxication. A rather common form of intoxication is alcohol intoxication. Such poisoning is a serious danger to the liver, since this organ passes through a huge amount of alcohol drunk. Even small portions of alcohol always carry with them poisoning for the body. Therefore, all drinkers every day there is a great danger to disrupt the function of the liver once and for all. Now you know what an intoxication of the body is and how this condition is dangerous, so you should always seek medical help at the time.

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