What is the mainstream?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
October 23, 2014
What is the mainstream?

What is the mainstream? This is the current prevailing trend in cinema, music, literature, etc. The word came to our language from English and has been used successfully in recent years.

For each time period the mainstream is yours. Suffice it to recall the Soviet past - this is a good example of this phenomenon. Then the leading direction in art was occupied by works of ideological content, whose task was to depict the life of a happy society. An example from the west is the all-encompassing hippie movement: they became the face of the 70s.

The hippie example shows that not only art forms become mainstream, but also social movements, as well as habits, hobbies, styles of dress.

Fact from history: the term coined by the English writer William Howes over 50 years ago. He was the editor of the literature on The Atlantic Monthly - he preferred the genre of realism. The genre went to the people and became the mainstream - the mainstream. So this popular term originated.

Musical mainstream

As for the mainstream in music, here you can see a curious trend. If before the performers remained leading for decades, now the time of being in the mainstream becomes shorter. Separate groups remain in the mainstream for a maximum of a year or two and quickly replace each other.

Mainstream movie

Movies of the genre of fiction, thriller, anti-utopia are now the mainstream in cinema. Stories about people with supernormal abilities can be considered mainstream. High-quality art house can also become popular among the masses. Mainstream cinema includes an emotional component, they are filled with dynamism, the plot develops rapidly. An example of a mainstream movie is "Divergence" and "Hunger Games."

Mainstream in other areas

Mainstream clothing now - pointedly careless, disheveled. Ripped jeans, asymmetry, wrinkled fabrics are the favorites of the modern younger generation.

The mainstream in literature are teenage dystopic novels, as well as classic works.

HLS has become popular - giving up alcohol, smoking has become fashionable.

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