What is a mile?

Yevhen Bakin
Yevhen Bakin
December 19, 2014
What is a mile?

The words used by us everywhere and not only, are not always of Russian origin. And therefore their meaning is often not entirely clear. These words include the word "mile".

In this article we consider the concept of the word "mile" and options for its use in speech. So what is a mile?


Mile - the designation of the measure of length, which in different countries has a different size. Used in antiquity. Now it is used in countries where a non-metric system of measures has been adopted.

There are several types of miles:

  • The French land mile is 4448 m;
  • British and American - 1609 m (in most cases, when they do not specify which mile they are talking about, they mean it);
  • Marine - 1852 m;
  • German (geographical) - 7420 m;
  • Old Russian Mile - 7467.6 m;
  • Swedish - 1000 m;
  • Scottish - 1800 m.


Where can I find the designation in miles? It is very popular among airlines to encourage their customers with bonus miles. They accumulate as you use the services of the company and in the future can be exchanged for free flights.

In the maritime business, you can find such a thing as a measured mile - a specially equipped section of the sea to determine vessel speeds, fuel consumption, power and its other characteristics.

The Royal Mile is one of the main attractions of Edinburgh. It is a series of streets with historical architectural structures. Its total length is equal to the Scottish mile.

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