What is Minecraft?

Recently, a game called “Minecraft” has become very popular. Let's see what is "Minecraft", and how to play it? Minecraft is a first-person game. It should be noted that for beginners the graphics in the game looks very strange, and the goals of the game are not entirely clear. In order to figure out how to play this toy and get maximum pleasure from it, you need to find out what the essence of Мinecraft is and what the rules of this game are.

First, you should pay attention to the very name of this toy, it translates as "Miner's craft" and largely describes the essence of the game. Its purpose is similar to the purpose of the Lego game - the creation of all kinds of things from cubes.

Game modes

In "Minecraft" there are several modes. So, in the classic version of “Classic” players do not need to extract blocks for construction, since they are offered in unlimited quantities. In addition, in this version you do not need to monitor damage and health. Here you can die only by falling into the "emptiness". It should be noted that in the game "Мinecraft" there are such negative characters as mobs. In this version, they do not threaten the protagonist if they are not touched.As for the regime called "Survival", then there are all sorts of monsters that you need to defend against during construction. It should be noted that in this mode, all the blocks for construction must be mined independently. By combining various items produced from resources, you can create new items. This process is called "craft." The recipes of their creation can be found on various resources or to guess independently what is much more interesting.

In addition, there are also modes in which friendly or neutral mobs are added to you. There is also a hardcore mode where the death of the main character is accompanied by the loss of everything acquired and built. When playing in multiplayer mode, you will have to interact with other players. Such interaction may be in the quality of cooperation in the construction of common buildings or trade organizations, and may be causing damage to the player himself and his buildings.

And what else can be done in “Мinecraft”? There is also a kind of action like griffing. Sometimes the server can be protected from it. In this case, certain problems may occur,since each player is assigned a separate territory and the other player cannot use certain resources. Then newcomers have to spend a large amount of time to go ahead in the world and find free space for themselves.

It is interesting to know that initially the ultimate goal of the game did not exist at all. And only in one of the versions appeared such a task, how to kill a dragon. However, after this mission is completed, the game does not end, the player can continue to craft further.

What should be done in "Мinecraft" to start

It is best to start playing "Мinecraft" with the simplest first version. So you can learn all the subtleties and nuances of this toy. To do this, you simply need to register on any site that provides the opportunity to play this game and start learning how to build various items. After that, you probably want to share the joy of playing with your friends. In this case, you will need to connect to the server «Мinecraft», which will allow you to team up with your friends and start building various objects together.

There are so few holidays in our life, so why, after doing the basic work, do not give yourself a rest and play a favorite game.It will help you to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, relax and mentally transfer to the virtual world. The main thing is not to overdo it, remember that everything should be in moderation.

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