What is online?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
April 28, 2015
What is online?

In our era of information technology and the almost universal use of computers, the word “online” has become so familiar, as if it always existed in our lexicon. However, this term can be used to define different concepts, depending on the specific area. In this article we will tell you what is online.

Basic definition and usage examples

Literally translated from English, “online” means “on the line.” We can understand the definition as “in touch” or “online”. That is, if it is said about social networks that the user is online, it should be understood - he is active on the network. The opposite concept is offline, which assumes that the user is outside the site space. Or when the number of friends is shown online, it means the number of your friends who are on the social network at the moment.

At the same time, it should be noted that the concept did not initially imply an Internet connection, but came from the field of telephony.Then it meant “on the line”, which suggested an established connection and the possibility of instantaneous communication. Today, the concept of online can be interpreted as the ability to communicate with a specific service available through the network, or with a person through a specific server. Read our article on What is Online.

In addition, recently we are increasingly confronted with the concept of online-media. This is electronic media. They are implemented using computer and electronic technologies. Online TV is online TV channels, radio - radio stations on the Internet with live broadcasts, newspapers and magazines - electronic publications without print versions, and online news agencies are the latest news from primary sources posted on websites.

Another key concept these days can be called online games. They assume the participation of the user in a computer game over the Internet. In most cases, such games do not require installation on a PC, however, there are certain types that require downloading a particular program and allowing it to establish a connection to the game server.

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