What is pasta?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 2, 2015
What is pasta?

The word "paste" is often found in various fields from cooking to explaining the states of substances with a certain consistency.

Let's talk more about what is pasta.

Like many borrowed words, the word "paste" came to us from the Latin language and literally means "dough."

  • The most widely used word in the chemical industry has the following meaning: paste - a mild form of a drug with a dense consistency, which contains more than 20–25% of powdered substances (for example, pastes used to disinfect wounds).
  • Probably the most popular combination of all with the use of the word “paste” that immediately comes to mind is “toothpaste”. And in this context, a paste is a jelly-like mass used for cleaning teeth, a hygienic means.
  • There is also the culinary meaning of the word "pasta". If tomato paste as a mass obtained by grinding and boiling tomatoes has long been known, then the Italian understanding of pasta as a common name for pasta or pasta dishes does not have such a rich history.
  • Sometimes in colloquial speech, the use of the word "paste" is used as a designation of rods for ballpoint and other pens, as they are filled with paste for writing.

Now you know about the meaning of the word "pasta".

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