What is oil?

March 25, 2015
What is oil?

In church use various substances are used. Consider what is oil and how it is used.

Fir is a consecrated oil, usually olive oil, with impurities of various incenses.

Properties of oil

Oil has long been considered healing. It is a symbol of joy, grace, and revival. At the time of the monarchy, when a man ascended the throne, the priest poured sacred oil on the head of the king or king. Oil symbolizes strength. The anointing rite itself indicated that any authority is given from above.

The oil is now widely used in the rites of the Christian church. It is customary to set fire to the holy icons. It is also used during the blessing of the loaves. Church oil, along with five breads, wheat grains, and wine is blessed as useful and healing. Believers are anointed with such oil during the morning or all-night prayer.

The oil is used in the anointing of patients in order to cure them. In addition, the oil is sanctified with a special prayer and used to anoint a child or an adult who proceeds to the rite of baptism.Also, it is customary to pour the oil on the departed.

Oils, consecrated at the icons, as well as on the relics, are often sold in church shops. They serve as a reminder of shrine visits and prayers. This oil is applied to sore spots. At the same time, it is necessary to read the prayer to the saint, at whose icon it is consecrated. Firs should be stored in a special container, which is sold in stores at the temple or the usual clean bottle. The most suitable place for this oil is next to the icons. Oil is able to maintain transparency and freshness over the years.

Now you know what oil is and how it is used in church rites.

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