What is tenderness?

December 19, 2014
What is tenderness?

Despite the constant use of this concept in fiction, what is tenderness, it is difficult to explain in words. And in some dictionaries, the definition of the meaning of this word is simply absent (for example, in Dahl or in the Philosophical).

  • In Ushakov's dictionary - tenderness is designated as a positive feeling, as well as - softness, tenderness to someone. Ozhegov's tenderness is a manifestation of affection and love. For example: look with tenderness, whisper sweet tenderness.
  • In Medical - tenderness is caused by behavioral manifestations of a person (smile, certain actions, hugs, attitudes), which color emotionally love relationships. Here, tenderness is almost equal to love and affection.
  • In Ethnographic - the concept of "tenderness" is derived from the word "bliss" and defined as joyful pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. And also - the thrill of a loved one, an object of love (or an expression of the ability to take care of him).
  • And yet - tenderness is defined as one of the manifestations of femininity. Therefore, probably, not only kids, but also adults are looking for calm in it in difficult times.
  • Sometimes tenderness is understood as a feeling of love in the absence of desire and passion, not aggravated by sex. But this is not an exact definition.

It remains to add that tenderness is both a property of materials (easy damageability and softness), and a characteristic of actions aimed at not damaging anything.

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