What is the aspect?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 5, 2015
What is the aspect?

The word aspect in a general sense means one of the sides of the object in question, the subject of conversation, but in a number of special disciplines this word is considered as a completely different term.

So let's see what an aspect is.

Aspect in linguistics

In linguistics, the word aspect (type) means a grammatical category characterizing the process of the course of an action in time — single-step, continuous, constant, etc. There are various aspects in different languages, in Russian only two aspects - perfect and imperfect. True, we are accustomed to hearing the phrase perfect and imperfect, but the essence of these concepts is one.

The verb of the perfect form indicates the completeness of the action, for example, buy and build; an imperfect verb indicates a long-term action - to buy, to build.

Aspect in astrology

In astrology, aspect means a special arrangement of the planets, the Moon and the Sun relative to each other. The aspect aspect determines the astrologer's forecast. Aspects are harmonious and tense, divergent and convergent, major and minor.

Aspect in biology

The word "aspect" is also used in biology to denote the appearance of a phytocenosis - a collection of plants confined to a relatively homogeneous section of the earth's surface. For example, there is a seasonal aspect that reflects the seasonal state of the vegetation.

Aspect in programming

An aspect is a logical object in aspect-oriented programming, which can combine elements of different objects of the same type in terms of functionality.

Now you know what an aspect means.

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