What is the best mascara?

From time immemorial, many mena woman is given considerable attention to her eyes. That's why most of the fair sex women make their eyes when applying makeup, thus attracting the attention of the opposite sex. To help with this, it's not always easy to get eyeliner and mascara. However, to date, eyeliner is applied less and less often - at least, this applies to daytime make-up. That's why the main role is played by mascara, to the choice of which you should approach with special responsibility. At first glance, of course, it may seem that all mascara is the same - just different vials. However, it was not there! Perhaps, two or three decades ago it was true, but to date any shops that sell cosmetics can offer you mascara not only from different manufacturers, but also performing different functions. Let's understand more carefully in what the best mascara is and how to choose it right.

To date, there are severalfunctions performed by ink, except that it stains eyelashes. Knowing what exactly this or that manufacturer specializes in, you can easily determine what the best mascara is for your eyelashes and for your makeup.

Volume.To date, a considerable amountmanufacturers can offer to the attention of the consumer such mascara that gives volume. No, for sure, many women of fashion will immediately want to argue that mascara, giving the volume to eyelashes, is not at all necessary, because you can make them with several layers of ordinary carcass and get the same effect. So it is so, but only the best mascara is the one that is applied in fewer layers, but gives the maximum effect. However, one way or another, the choice always remains for the buyer, who would like to give simple advice that it is better to overpay a little and buy mascara specifically designed to give volume to eyelashes, rather than constantly scoff at your own eyelashes, continually inflicting them on two or three weighty layer of cosmetics.

Let's say with a hard question of choosing a carcass youfigured out and stopped their attention to the one whose manufacturers promise to your eyelashes a chic volume that will give your look depth and expressiveness. But the question is: what is the best mascara for giving volume to eyelashes? First of all I would like to draw the buyers' attention to the brush. Ideally, it should be a keg with a thick bristle, which, in fact, promotes a uniform distribution of the carcass during its application.

Besides this, there are severalmanufacturers who can offer you quality products. Perhaps, the best ink, giving volume to eyelashes, is made by a brand L`Oreal. Acquiring Intensifique Mascara, you provide your eyelashes not only with a luxurious volume, but also careful separation and staining of each cilium. In addition, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the manufacturer Nivea, in the production of which there is mascara Beatue Max Volume Mascara - it also gives the cilia a beautiful shape and volume. Fashion designers often prefer carcasses produced by Christian Dior Maximeyes, which, when applied only one layer, will please you with an unprecedented volume.

Elongation.In order to choose the right mascara with an elongating effect, it is also necessary to pay attention to the brush - it should be made only from spiraling villi.

As for the best manufacturers of mascara,which has an extension effect, then you should pay tribute to Maybelline Lash Expansion, which will not only lengthen the eyelashes, but also give them a good amount.

Twisting.This action of the carcass is not less important for the mostoutlandish women of fashion. Immediately I want to note that when choosing the best ink, which has a curling effect, you need to pay attention to the composition, and the brush itself. With regard to the composition, it must necessarily include substances such as wax, keratin and resin - they contribute to the constriction of the eyelashes and their subsequent fixation. If we talk about the brush, then it should be with villi of unequal length.

The best mascara that can providea chic eyelash curl is produced by the Givenchy Mascara Courbe Miroir brand - besides twisting your eyelashes, it also nourishes and completely restores their structure.

If you have already decided what you want to get from the acquired mascara, then when you come to the store you face another problem - the choice of quality cosmetics.

So, how to choose a quality mascara thatwill lie flat on every cilium? First of all, you should pay attention to the packaging in which the flacon is located: carefully study the manufacturer and the country. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date and composition. If there are testers in the store, you can try cosmetics in action, so to speak - put a little carcass not with your hand and look at how it falls down: if you can buy without lumps - and if there are still lumps - put it aside and look for something, something more qualitative.

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