What is the biosphere?

What is the biosphere, the definition

We all live on one beautiful planet. And no matter what happens to her, we will all feel and feel it on ourselves. After all, the Earth, people, animals function and breathe as a single organism. What is the biosphere? This question can be answered briefly. The biosphere is the collection of all living beings that live on the planet. More specifically, it is the shell of a planet in which the living world interacts with inanimate nature.

This concept is so voluminous and affects several areas of science that not only a naturalist can clearly define what the biosphere is. The definition of this shell of the Earth was introduced by the French naturalist Lamarck in the early nineteenth century. However, he did not invent the term for this formulation. Lamarck believed that all living things live in a permanent interaction, continuously exchanging energy and matter with each other. The first scientist to use the word "biosphere" is considered to be a geologist from Austria - Suess. To talk about the biosphere fully and completely, you should consider research in climatology, chemistry, geology and biology.

He developed the doctrine, created, so to speak, the whole science of Russian academician Vernadsky.Until now, his research serves as the basis for the further development of certain areas of science. Although today it is believed that some of his assumptions and even beliefs are wrong.

What is the biosphere of the Earth

All living things on their home planet maintain the composition of the atmosphere, which they also need for proper functioning. Someone enriches it with oxygen (plants), someone changes and regulates the amount of carbon dioxide, and someone affects the amount and change of metal salts.

It is difficult to clearly define the boundary of the biosphere. It is believed that from the surface of the earth the biosphere extends to 20-25 kilometers. However, scientists were able to notice the spores and bacteria at a huge height from the ground - 85 kilometers. In general, the concentration of living beings is practically absent over the above 25 kilometers.

The biosphere also extends deep into the earth. Especially this can be judged by the water cover of the planet. For example, in such deep places as the Mariana Trench there are also living beings. And in Antarctica, where ice bound the earth, under its thickness, scientists discovered bacteria, algae, and even crustaceans. The depth of their habitat is 400 meters.Based on the foregoing, the prevalence of the biosphere in depth is considered to be 3 kilometers.

The biosphere is extremely diverse. In favor of this statement speak different environments where there is life (water, air and earth). Within the boundaries of the biosphere there are several small ecosystems, each of which has its own distinctive species.

What is the degradation of the biosphere

Degradation is a word, for the most part meaning degradation, countdown sometimes even destruction. Characteristically, the degradation of the biosphere is a reversible phenomenon. Scientists estimate that if the number of people becomes ten times less, the biosphere will cease to collapse. Examples of the degradation of the biosphere can be seen at every step. This is the formation of deserts on different continents. They arose as a result of constant deforestation. Also a serious and intractable factor in the degradation of the biosphere is waste, which is practically not destroyed. Solid waste contaminates the lithosphere, gaseous - the atmosphere, and liquid waste - water, that is, the hydrosphere.

The man contributed not only to the destruction of forests, he also helped some animals disappear from the face of the earth.Moreover, sometimes he is unable to curb his own activities, occasionally losing control over his actions. What are the man-made disasters, like Chernobyl.

Some scientists studying the biosphere and the accompanying degradation factors have taken a clear and tough stance. They urge humanity to stop rapidly multiplying in order to limit its numbers. Thus, it is possible that the question of the destruction of the biosphere will be solved. However, the remaining people should ponder over and consistently address the environmental complications that have arisen due to the existence and functioning of a person.

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