What is the cheapest car in the world?

Today is a time when not everyone can save money for a new good car. High-quality cars, even old ones, are very solid. Therefore, the moment comes when a person decides: the cheapest car is what you need. So which one should you choose? It is worth talking about it and talking about the characteristics of the most budget cars.

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Who will flood the automobile world with cheap models?

So, what is the cheapest car? Some time ago, famous critics and observers gave a forecast that, allegedly, the Chinese auto industry, thanks to a cheap product, would compete with other, more popular manufacturers. But this assumption turned out to be wrong. The cheapest car is produced not by the Chinese, but by the Indian auto industry. Its name is Tata Nano. The cost of the car is about $ 2500 (new), and it definitely leads in the ranking of the most budget cars. By the way, in the homeland of Tata Nano is popular - many people in India are happy to buy this compact car and calmly ride it.

European options

So, talking about what the cheapest car is the most popular, it should be noted with attention such a car like Renault (Dacia) Logan. It’s not that this is a budget option, but the price for the new version really pleases - only 400,000 rubles. By the way, one of the cheapest C-class models. It is popular in Eastern Europe, as well as in some other countries - in Iran, Morocco, Colombia and in Russia.

Next model - Fiat Palio. Of course, not the cheapest car in the world, but in principle is inexpensive. Only 388 000 rubles. Also European class, and, fortunately for many, is also being implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation.

the cheapest car in the world

Eastern world production

So, the cheapest car in the world related to South Korean production is the Hyundai I10. The cost of this car is 380 000 rubles. Small, fairly budget - ideal for people who appreciate modest, slow cars. By the way, initially this car appeared in India, and then it began to be produced in Europe. Well, I10 is a simple minicar, equipped with a rather modest set of so-called passive safety tools.Absolutely ordinary car for a simple, quick ride from home to work and back.

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About Indian production

If we talk about where the cheapest cars are produced, it should be noted with special attention the concern called Tata. India does not stop surprising us! That she owns the cheapest car. In Russia, however, it will be difficult to get such a model - the car is not known, but it is possible. In particular, it will be cheap to take it away.

But the Tata Nano is truly the most budget car in the world. A real Indian hit! Although its characteristics are minimal. The length of this model is only three meters, and the width is about one and a half. The engine is two-cylinder, and the power is only 33 hp. This car is designed exclusively for city driving, as its maximum is only 90 km / h. Despite these very modest characteristics, the queue for the purchase of this model is painted next year in advance. And buyers are not embarrassed by the fact that there is no radio, no air conditioner, or airbags in the car.

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About Chinese production

Many people, thinking about what the cheapest car can afford them, are thinking about Chinese production. And indeed, this country makes us happy with budget models.These include Chery A1 (Kimo) for 7,400 dollars (this is only 300,000 rubles). In fact, this is a well-known car Chery QQ, only converted. He, in turn, is not very legal method copied such a famous car as the Daewoo Matiz. In general, both one and the second with the third of the listed machines are inexpensive options. True, we must admit: the motor design Chery is original. However, this exclusive and influenced the increase in prices by almost $ 3,000.

Another car from the same manufacturer - Geely HQ SRV. It is cheaper than its predecessor - its cost is only 245,000 rubles. This hatchback is considered one of the cheapest in the world. Of the advantages - an attractive design of the dashboard, as well as comfortable, adjustable seats. However, the speed is not happy - only 84 km / h (and this is the maximum). This machine also applies to those that can only be used to drive around the city.

And the third Chery representative is MR. Its cost is 230 thousand rubles. By the way, a good car, quite comfortable. It can accelerate to 140 kilometers per hour! For a car of this price range - a great indicator. In addition, it is equipped with air conditioning, a CD player and reclining chairs.

 what is the cheapest car

Russian car industry

Of course, we all know well that automobiles are not a fad of Russian production. However, we also have our champions at low prices. The cheapest car in Russia is the “five” from the VAZ. In the new state, it will cost about 235,000 rubles. With such indicators, it is easy to claim the fifth place in the world ranking of the most budget cars.

Yes, and the Russian "Oka" is also a cheap car. Now it comes with a Chinese engine, air conditioning, as well as power accessories. The price is only $ 7,600. Only 320 000 rubles. By the way, the sixth place in the world ranking.

In general, I would like to finally note one thing. Many people who are true connoisseurs of cars, do not advise buying cheap, but new cars. It is unlikely that they represent the “iron horse”, which will last more than one decade. The best option would be to take an old foreign car. These are sold, in good condition, at a price of 70 to 80 thousand rubles. The same "Mercedes" in the 123rd body. He served for nearly thirty years, and as many more in easy departure. Or Audi. And for 60,000 rubles, you can buy a Ford Granada - the most famous car.In general, the weight options. But if you make a choice, it is definitely in favor of proven and, most importantly, reliable models.

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