What is the dose?

February 3, 2015
What is the dose?

As a rule, the term "dose" refers to the portion, dose, proportion, diet. But in order to better understand what a dose is, you should consider this concept in two stable phrases.

Dose of substance

In this phrase, the word "dose" refers to a quantity of once consumed substance. For example, we can talk about the drug, which was assigned to the patient, or about the poison, which was absorbed by someone.

In this context, a number of other stable expressions can be used, for example:

  • The highest daily dose (in the framework of the Pharmacopoeia, it is important for potent drugs).
  • Effective dose (used in pharmacology).
  • Shock dose (pharmacotherapy).
  • Equivalent dose (pharmacokinetics).
  • Medial latent dose (toxicology), etc.

Radiation dose

This phrase is used mainly in physics and radiobiology. The term "radiation dose" means a certain value that is used to assess the degree of exposure to ionizing radiation on organisms and their tissues, as well as on any substance.

Ionizing radiation is synonymous with the term "radiation."

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