What is the moment?

September 19, 2014
What is the moment?

The word "moment" because of its ambiguity can not even give a general definition. However, you can highlight its values ​​and describe each. Most often the word "moment" means a moment, a moment, a short period. Let us consider in more detail what the moment is in some other values.

  • Torque is the product of force on the lever arm, to which this force is applied. The expression "torque" is used to characterize cars. In an internal combustion engine the lever will be the crankshaft crank. If we consider the torque in relation to cars, then we can say that this value determines how quickly the engine can develop maximum power. Synonyms: torque, torque, torque.
  • A moment in time is a certain short time interval (for example, several specific seconds, minutes, hours), an instant. Synonyms in this sense: instant, instant. If we turn to physics, we get the following definition: moment is a point on the time axis.
  • The moment of inertia is a physical quantity denoting a measure of inertia in a rotational motion around an axis. The moment of inertia is defined as the sum of the products of elementary masses at their distances from the base set in a square.
  • Also, the word "moment" is used as a trademark. So, previously produced cameras under the name "Moment" (production GOMZ), the popular glue "Moment" is produced until now.

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