What it is - "Zodiac" (moped)?

"Zodiac" is a moped for every day. It is perfect for trips through country streets, country roads. No wonder it is also called the "collective farmer".

Overview of the moped

Wishing to purchase inexpensive meansTravel for regular trips will suit "Zodiac". This moped is one of the most affordable means of transportation. But the price is not the only plus of this technique. The model is made by joint efforts of Russia and China. Available in several colors (green, black, red).

zodiac moped

It has a small scooter even fortheir class. This makes it maneuverable. Gives him the opportunity to drive even on small side streets. In addition, to store the "Zodiac" does not need a lot of space. It is not necessary to build a garage for him. He will have enough corner next to the car or even a small place in the shed (or any other building).

"Zodiac" - a moped with a very interesting and specialseat. It consists of two parts. One for the driver, the other for the passenger. And the back seat has a "secret". It's removable. Under it hides an extra trunk. Thanks to this, the moped has two luggage compartments. The main one is on the frame, as in many other models.

Technical characteristics of a moped

Further we suggest to consider technicalthe possibilities that the moped "Zodiac" possesses. His characteristic is more than attractive. The facility is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The power it produces is four and a half horsepower.

The ignition is electronic. The engine starts at the expense of the starter. By the way, it can be electronic and mechanical. The transmission has a mechanical four-speed transmission.

moped zodiac characteristic

Front suspension is represented by a telescopic fork. The rear is made up of two shock absorbers. The drum brake system is both front and rear. Air cooling system.

Rubber on wheels has a diameter of seventeen inches.

The fuel tank is located on the frame in front of the seat,as in the rest of the mopeds. Its capacity is five liters. Maybe it's not too much. But this amount of fuel will be enough to drive a few hundred kilometers, sitting on the moped "Zodiac." Its engine "eats" less than two liters per hundred kilometers. The expense is good, what to say.

The recommended load capacity of the manufacturer is 120 kilograms. It's enough to ride together. The recommended load is 75 kilograms.

The dimensions of the moped are as follows:

  • The length is 1.8 meters.
  • The width is 0.71 meters.
  • Height with mirrors - 1.33 meters.
  • The wheelbase is 1.17 meters.

moped zodiac engine

With such dimensions, the weight of the Zodiac is 76 kilograms.

Owner feedback

"Zodiac" - a moped, little studied by simpleusers. There are not so many reviews about him. By itself, it's not bad. Develops speeds up to seventy kilometers per hour. It is more difficult to disperse it. True, if you go uphill, you need to lower the transmission. In this regard, he is worse than the same "Alpha". A lot of criticism is both for the work of the engine, and for the assembly of the design itself. The battery is weak, it is often changed. Leave a lot to be desired and welded seams. They are not treated with protective agents and quickly rust.

The new moped "Zodiac" costs about 30-35 thousand rubles. At this cost, it can not be ideal in all respects.

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