What not to do with pancreatitis?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
March 7, 2013
What not to do with pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis is called the inflammation of the pancreas caused by one reason or another, as a result of which the enzymes produced by it are not released into the duodenum, as it should be by nature, but are activated in the body of the gland itself, thereby destroying it from the inside.

Before we talk about what can and cannot be eaten with pancreatitis, it should be noted that physicians distinguish acute and chronic pancreatitis by the nature of the disease. Each form of it requires a special approach to treatment and the diet prescribed for this, also has its own characteristics. They are forced to upset you, but the fundamental factor in the treatment of an attack of acute pancreatitis is the creation of complete functional rest for the inflamed pancreas. So it will take several days to fully starve for medicinal purposes, after which it will be possible to switch to a special, sparing diet.

Dietary nutrition for pancreatitis should be organized as follows:

  • It should be eaten in small portions every 3 hours, so the number of meals should be at least five times a day.
  • Food should be mostly cooked in a shabby or chopped form.
  • It is necessary to sharply limit the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, while leaving protein intake at the upper limit of the physiological norm.
  • Preferred products are steamed, boiled in water or baked in the oven.

Diet for pancreatitis is very strict and there is a whole list of foods that you have to exclude from your diet. Let's talk about what is not possible with pancreatitis in more detail.

Strictly prohibited

  • Alcohol in any form
  • Strong rich broths and soups based on them
  • Eggs, fried or hard boiled
  • Fresh bread, especially rye, sweet pastries
  • Cocoa, coffee and sweet carbonated drinks
  • Smoked products, sausages, canned goods
  • Fatty meat, especially when fried
  • All offal - kidneys, liver, tongue, brains
  • Fatty Fish and Caviar
  • Cruciferous vegetables - turnip, radish, radish and white cabbage
  • Spinach, sorrel and mushrooms
  • Sweet fruits such as grapes, bananas and figs
  • Millet and corn porridge
  • Ice cream, chocolate and chocolates

“So many restrictions! What then is there? ”- you ask. Nutritionists recommend the following list of foods.


  • Lack of tea, fruit juices without sugar, milk, broth hips
  • Stale white bread or crackers
  • Low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt
  • Mashed Veggie Soups
  • Lean beef, rabbit, turkey or chicken, steamed in a chopped or shredded form (meatballs, meatballs, soufflé)
  • Viscous porridge - oatmeal, semolina or rice, boiled pasta
  • Soft and ripe berries and fruits, baked apples in the oven.

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