What are the payments to single mothers?

Unfortunately, often in our lives there are situations when mothers have to raise a child alone. However, sometimes women consciously take this step. How does the state support such moms, and what payments to single mothers rely? Consider everything in order.

Payouts for single mothers

Those who raise their child without the help of a husband are entitled to the following payments:

  • childbirth allowance;
  • allowance for early registration on pregnancy, as well as in female consultation;
  • the child also has a monthly allowance.

List of benefits for single mothers

In addition, women are granted the status of a single mother and automatically a woman receives a number of benefits in kindergartens and schools. Namely:

  • compensation for kindergarten payments up to 75%;
  • Admission to kindergarten out of turn. Although depending on the municipal authorities, this benefit may change. To use it, the child must be one and a half years old.

Those women who went to work after the decree are provided with various benefits and indulgences. Namely:

  • restriction of night work;
  • travel restrictions;
  • to work on holidays and night shifts women are allowed only with their consent in writing;
  • during the illness of a woman or her baby, full payment is required for sheets of temporary disability;
  • The most protected position of a single mother is in the event that the employment contract is terminated, while the initiative of the employer is limited.
  • women can count on providing, upon their application, additional leave at any time convenient for them for 14 days without pay;
  • also single mothers are entitled to four additional paid days off per month, as well as a shorter working week if a disabled child is dependent.

How much will a single mother get?

Let's look at what payments are put to a single mother in terms of money? First, the state is obliged to pay double the standard tax deduction for each child who is under 16 years of age.This sum will be two thousand rubles, and four thousand for a disabled child. If a child is studying in a higher education institution on a full-time basis, the deduction will be provided until the age of twenty-four.

Separately, it should be said about the housing issue. A single mother is provided with housing on a general basis, has the right to participate in federal and regional programs. In addition, she may be allocated additional benefits depending on the specific region.

And further. Every day, except on Sundays and weekends, this category of women can receive free products in the dairy kitchen, social assistance in the form of food, free medicines for the child and much more, it all depends on the specific city.

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