What salads can be prepared with radishes?

What salads can be prepared with radishes?

    Description: Products:
    iceberg salad - 1 small head,
    red pepper - 1 pod,
    green pepper - 1 pod,
    salad cucumber - 1 / 2 pcs. ,
    bulb - 1 pcs. ,
    black olives - 1 glass,
    tuna - 1 Bank,
    sheep cheese - 100,

    for the sauce:
    vinegar - 100 ml,
    vegetable oil - 100 ml,
    dry white wine - 0,125 l,
    salt - to taste,
    pepper - to taste,
    sugar - 1 pinch,
    Basil - 1 bun,

    for decoration:
    Egg (hard boiled) - 2 pcs. ,
    radish - 2-3 pcs. ,
    lemon mint (twigs) - 2-3 pcs.

    Wash and dry the iceberg salad. Cut the pepper pod in half, extract the seeds, wash and cut into strips. Cucumber and peeled onions cut into strips. Dry the olives, chop the tuna, cut the sheep cheese into cubes, put everything in a salad bowl and mix. To prepare the sauce, mix the vinegar, vegetable oil and white wine and season to taste with salt, pepper and sugar and add finely chopped basil. Salad of tuna with an iceberg salad dress with sauce and decorate with quarters eggs, rosaries from radish and twigs of lemon mint.

  2. Salad with radishes and cucumbers
    Prepared radishes and cucumbers cut into thin slices, egg white hard-boiled eggs finely cut, and yolk pounded with mayonnaise. Prepared foods are combined, planted, mixed, stacked in a salad bowl, sprinkled with crushed egg whites and heavily chopped greens. The yolk and protein of the boiled egg can not be grinded, but used solely for decorating a salad.
    Radish 3 beam, cucumber 3 pcs. , eggs 2 pcs. , mayonnaise 3 / 4 glass, salt to taste, greens.

    Salad Spring "
    Leaves of green salad cut into three or four pieces, radishes, fresh cucumbers - thin circles or semicircles, green onions shred. Prepared foods are mixed with half the norm of mayonnaise / sour cream, put in a salad bowl, pour the remaining sour cream, decorate with eggs, leaves of green salad, cucumbers, radish and sprinkle with finely chopped greens of dill.
    Green salad 100 150 g, radishes 2 bunch, cucumber 2 pcs. , green ray 100 g, eggs 2 pcs. , sour cream 3 / 4 glass.

    Hepatic salad with radish
    300 g beef liver, 6-7 pcs. radish, 2-3 pcs. sweet pepper, mayonnaise, lettuce leaves, vegetable oil, ground pepper, salt.
    Liver wash, peel off, cut into cubes and fry in oil, then cool. Cut the radish into slices, cut the sweet peppers into rings. Leaves of lettuce are not large to break. In a salad bowl, mix all the ingredients, season with mayonnaise, add salt, ground pepper, and mix.

  3. Egg salad with radish.

    fresh cucumbers
    green onions
    All cut into half rings, add salt and season with sour cream.

  4. Salad with ham and radish
    For a recipe, you will need:
    - ham - 200
    - Egg (hard boiled) - 2 pcs.
    - radish (large) - 1 beam
    - green onion - 20
    - fennel (herbs) - 20g
    - parsley (herbs) - 20
    - salad - several whole leaves
    - mayonnaise - 100
    - Mustard - 1 / 2 tsp.
    - salt - to taste
    - white bread (loaf) - 1 pcs.
    - Butter - 200.
    Ham cut into thin slices, small radish - circles (large semirings). Eggs and greens large chop. Mix all the ingredients, salad salt, season with mayonnaise. Bread cut into slices of width 11,5 cm, spread each piece of butter. For each slice put a whole leaf of lettuce, on which to put a slice of the portion of the prepared mixture.
    Variegated salad with radish
    Sections: Salads with radish, Salads with beans

    For a recipe you will need:
    - string beans (green) - 300-400 gr.
    - tomatoes - 4 pcs.
    - radish - 1 beam
    - green onions (with onions) - 1 bundle
    - vegetable oil - 3 st. l.
    - apple cider vinegar - 2 st. l.
    - salt, black pepper (ground) - to taste.
    Bean pods to sort, wash and cut into pieces of length 3 cm. Whole beans cook in salted water about 10 min. Then throw it back in a colander and allow it to drain off well.
    Wash tomatoes and cut each into 8 pieces. Radish and bulbs should be washed and cut, respectively, in circles or rings.
    For sauce, mix the vegetable oil with vinegar, salt and pepper, Wash the spring onions, get wet, cut into thin rings and add to the sauce.
    Mix all the ingredients of the salad in a bowl, pour the prepared sauce and mix.

  5. Salad with radishes and apples.
    Radish rub on a small glass. We clean apples, rub large. Onions and green onions, pickled cucumbers, dill, parsley crushed. We mix everything, salt, season with cream or mayonnaise.
    On 0,5 kg of radish, according to 3 apple, cucumber and bulb, greens, half a cup of cream or mayonnaise.
    ATTENTION: this salad is good not only in itself, but also as a filling for stuffed tomatoes, sweet pepper.
  6. For a recipe, you will need:
    - green salad - 500
    - radish - 200
    - Cucumbers - 200
    - green onion - 100
    - sour cream - 200
    - salt - to taste.

    Cucumbers and radish cut into circles, mix with chopped salad and onion, add salt, season with sour cream and sprinkle with onions.

  7. radish - 2 beam
    - sea salt - to taste
    - ham (boiled) - 40
    - Egg (hard-boiled) - 1 pcs.
    - Headed lettuce (small) - 1 pcs.
    - onion (small) - 1 pcs.
    - parsley (stalks) - 2-3 pcs.
    - champignons - 75
    - green vinegar - 1 st. l.
    - mustard (not very sharp) - 1 whisper
    - soybean oil - 2 tsp.
    - white pepper (freshly ground) - to taste.
    Radish clean, wash, dry, cut into thin slices and mix with salt. Slice the ham into thin strips. Egg to clean and cut into 4 or 8 parts. Lettuce lettuce is divided into separate leaves, wash and shake off the water. Peel the onion and cut into thin rings. Porridge to rinse, dry and chop. Champignons to clean, wipe with a napkin and cut into circles. All mix with radish.

    "Green" vinegar and mustard mix with a small amount of sea salt. Add oil by drop, so that the sauce is a bit "grainy". To taste pepper and sauce to sprinkle the salad.

  8. Here is my suggestion-the most simple salad
    radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, cut the greens, mix, season with olive oil.
  9. most simple - boiled eggs a lot of dill mayonnaise and radish. delicious. you can spread on sandwiches.
  10. Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, onion, you can season with pepper sunflower oil or mayonnaise
  11. Radish, greens and fatty sour cream. Salt about taste.
    But the recipe for more difficult.
    Morning salad.
    Is prepared only in the country, in the summer! (Now you will understand why.)
    Bright rays of the morning sun, breaking into the room through the window, prevent sleep. I get up and put on my robe and go out into the yard. The clean, cool air of summer morning invigorates. Silently I crawl to the neighbor's site and get into the greenhouse. I tear off there a ripe tomato and a couple of small, pimply cucumbers. Further I go to my garden, along the road, behind the house, I tear out a bunch of sorrel, in the garden I pick up half a dozen ripe radishes, several leaves of dewy salad, green garlic and onions, and, of course, dill and parsley.
    Now you can go to the veranda. I fill the kettle with ice, well water, put a frying pan with vegetable oil on an old tile, I take an ancient enamel bowl with an inscription on the bottom of 46cop. and proceed. Tomatoes I cut not very wide poludolkami, at cucumbers I cut off an ass, I cut through and I cut through wide semicircles, and a radish in circles. Salad it is accepted to tear by hands, but I cut it with narrow stripes across the sheet, I also cut sorrel. I chop the greens, add everything in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and sugar and mix well. Unlike on the market, freshly harvested sorrel, very acidic, so vinegar is not required. The water boiled. In the teapot I put two spoons of Indian tea, a sprig of vanilla mint, torn off the veranda and a couple of leaves of black currant. On a heated frying pan fry a few slices of fresh, white bread and go back to the bowl. I fill the salad with unrefined, sunflower oil, mix it again and put the bowl on the table. Next I put a plate of croutons and a large cup of fragrant tea with sugar. I sit down in the armchair and untie the gown belt. With a tablespoon I scoop up, from the bottom, a salad and send it to my mouth, enjoying its taste and aroma. I have a bite of crispy toast and drink it with hot tea. The rays of the morning sun are played in droplets of dew on the green grass, swaying with a slight breeze of the breeze, which delivers its tender smell. The angelic silence of the morning, disturbs only the anxious chirping of birds.
  12. Very tasty salad! BUT!! !! There is it immediately after cooking. Radish is finely cut with mugs, frozen butter is rubbed on the grater, everything is mixed. Salted and served on salad leaves. Simple and tasteful. The amount of oil is at your discretion.

    Fresh cucumbers, radishes, greens. All cut - cucumber, radishes thinner, greens smaller. Salt, stir and season with sour cream. A good spring salad. You can also chop the salad.

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