What if the girl does not give?

People are all adults, and everyone knows what interests us. Anonymous trolls, of course, will joke, but we are not discussing the topic of a failed control at school because of girlish greed. Talk about sex and the many obstacles that stand in our way!

What to do if a girl does not give sex

Theme is exclusively for guys. And now we will discuss how to behave if the girl does not give. Consider the most popular excuses and ways of self-preservation on the part of a potential victim of love. As a preface I will add a subjective wish. Men, whatever happens and no matter how the outflow of blood from the brain in favor of the penis does not violate your self-consciousness, remember: if you only need sex, do not lose your face in persuasion. This is just sex, and since you ask yourself this question at the Internet level, the girl is not interested in you as a second half.

However, let's get started!

"We know too little!"

Improvisation is always important. Here you are like together in her apartment, one on one, everything is fine.And she invites you to go overnight to another room or even to the bathroom for the last but one. The news is shocking, but you shouldn’t immediately change your facial expression to "I was just rejected, followed by exile." On the contrary, show your wits and release a little brake. Lay at ease, they say, nonsense, that few are familiar, it's time to get acquainted for real! It is unlikely that you will lose a fatal dose of blood, in the worst case you will face the same fate as if you were silent. Sleep on an uncomfortable couch alone.

Remember the following: if you try, there is a possibility of several scenarios. If you keep silent - option one, and even then it is not in our interests. Take the initiative, you're a man!

"I can not, monthly"

In addition to all the visible troubles, menstruation greatly reduces the level of attraction in women. Often speaking these words, she does not mean the absence of the desire to have sex with you. On the contrary, it is unpleasant for a woman to feel in such a position in front of you, let's call it shame.

"So, okay, did I talk about sex? Pff, you heard." Just unobtrusively and not kiss her. At first...and later, depending on your approach, you can even expect a reward for your caress in the form of oral sex, for example.

"Stinks from your mouth, man"

Unpleasant and provocative: having heard this or something like that, you can completely lose the desire to have something with this girl. Or to have this girl, as it is easier to perceive. But our joint, as the blame does not shift.

From the smell of breath helps a piece of bay leaf, chew a couple of minutes. You can replace milk, coffee beans, lime.

Top send or "Sore head"

What to do if a girl doesn't give you a pop-half-gang "I have a headache"? Humor is fine, but only when it’s appropriate. For it is not necessary to inform the girl about how meningitis is transmitted or to show a plan for the localization of sex today with remarks about the need for your head. Make her a relaxing massage, distract from alien thoughts. You can also point out that sex reduces pain (this has been proven by scientists, by the way), and you can even cure it of a headache!

"I rush to work!"

Create a sense of loss - a marketing move, by the way. Make an expression of physiognomy, as if she was leaving forever.And then, as if, and you will agree, a bit of mocking indifference will finish the job properly. For example, she: "bye, Vasya!", And you answer: "..... yeah.". A signal will work in a woman's brain - how? How did he say ?!

You risk running into a small scandal, but you know how to translate swearing into a horizontal position. And sex itself will be magnificent against the background of red-hot emotions.

What if the girl does not give? Change something in yourself or a girl? Difficult task for the real man. After all, the very definition of a man is very abstract: whether he is what he is and behind him, as if behind a stone wall, or if he is going to do anything for the sake of a girl, it’s not clear. You decide, the choice is yours.

Love a woman, and you will not have a problem "she does not give." Yes, and sex with a loved one - the best!

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