What to do if flooded candles?

Many motorists are anxiously awaiting the arrival of winter and autumn, since this period is quite complicated both for them and for their cars. In cold and wet weather, starting the engine is a little more difficult. Most often, the car will not start - it fills in the candles, so you need to fix this problem before you go.

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The easiest way to figure out what to do if the candles suddenly flooded, if you understand how the engine works after the key was turned in the ignition lock. Starts the process with a starter. This small electric motor begins to "push" gradually, thus spinning the car's engine. With the help of pistons and valves that dispersed the starter, a mixture of gasoline and air is supplied to the combustion chamber.

This mixture ignites from the spark that the spark plug creates, so a small local microexplosion occurs. After this, the vehicle's starter shuts down because, due to the micro-explosion energy, the car's cylinders start working together, causing the engine to start.

Naturally, when the candles are filled in, the engine cannot be started, which is indicated by the main features of the candles filled in. In this case, the auto starter will scroll the crankshaft for nothing, nothing else will happen. If you turn out the candle from the engine after this, you will see that it is wet or just wet. In any case, her normal work will be disrupted.

There are also situations when, in cold or wet weather, even with fully functioning candles in the combustion chamber, the mixture simply cannot ignite. This usually happens when the air temperature is below -15 degrees. At this temperature, the mixture is cooled too much, so there is no specific chemical reaction that is responsible for heating the mixture. Due to the low temperature of the mixture, the spark from the spark plug cannot ignite it. As a result, the candle is poured with a mixture, which leads to its malfunction. Usually motorists describe this situation as “pouring candles on a cold one”.


The logical question is what to do if flooded candles? There are several ways to solve the problem. The simplest experienced motorists consider unscrewing all the old spark plugs.After some waiting with a specially designed for this spark plug key, you need to screw a new set of candles. Of course, this can be done only on the condition that you have previously prepared new spark plugs. This method is not very economical, so many car owners do not like this solution. In addition, this situation can be repeated periodically, and buying a new set in each case is far from the best idea.

Thrifty drivers prefer to solve the problem in a slightly different way. Flooded candles need to carefully unscrew and take them to the garage or home. Here the candles need to be heated to a certain temperature, which can be determined visually. It seems to so many drivers that it is best for the candle to be red-hot, because only in this case it can be effectively cleaned of the remnants of the mixture and soot. Experienced motorists say that in this case the ceramic core of the candle is damaged, which is not very good. After this heating, the surface of the candle is no longer smooth and even, so you have to polish it with emery paper or sandpaper.

The quickest way to solve the problem of filled candles is to warm them with a starter. To do this, it is necessary to squeeze the gas pedal, after which the starter for some time to twist the engine. This way you can dry out fresh air and cylinders and candles. Usually the car wind up after the foot is removed from the gas pedal. This method works great on cars with both injection and carburetor engines. However, there is a risk that the battery will be discharged faster than the candles will be dried.

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