What to do when legs are swollen?

It so happens that your legs are often swollen. It causes discomfort, pain. This phenomenon is not uncommon, and according to statistics, almost every fourth person on the planet has it. Most often, this affects women, also because leg swelling can occur during the menstrual period. This article will look at what to do when legs are swollen in all cases.

Why are swollen legs

  • A small muscle layer of the veins is one of the most common causes. Such a phenomenon can provoke improper diet, sedentary lifestyle. Also, vein problems can be associated with heredity. With an insufficient layer, the vein weakens so that the movement of blood to the heart is not so easy. As a result, the blood stagnates, the vein begins to stretch and swelling of the legs occurs, it becomes painful, there is a burning sensation in the legs. Such manifestations indicate some disorders in the circulatory circles.
  • The weakening of the heart muscle is also one of the reasons.When fluid begins to linger in the body, blood pressure rises. If the pressure does not immediately decrease, but keeps for a long time, then the heart weakens. Such a heart muscle can not fully pump blood, which also leads to swelling of the legs.
  • The next reason is loose connective tissue of the subcutaneous layer. This is due to the decrease in the amount of such a protein in it as collagen. As a result, the fluid tends to accumulate faster. It is also worth noting that if the protein content in the blood decreases, edema may appear on the legs. It is important to know that protein is a substance that holds water in the vessels. So, then make sure that its quantity does not decrease.

If the leg is swollen, what to do

  • The first thing to note is the way of life. Perhaps you should pay attention to what you eat. On products in which the content of cholesterol and salt above the permissible norms. It is best to eat such food, which contains beneficial substances, such as:
    1. Manganese - it normalizes blood clotting.
    2. Cobalt - together with manganese reduces the heaviness in the legs.
    3. Iodine - excellent activates blood circulation.
  • Excess weight - affects the fact that the blood in the vessels stagnates. To avoid this, regularly visit the fitness club, ride a bike, walk only on foot. Lead an active lifestyle, as it is necessary for health.
  • Nicotine - leads to the destruction of the desired element of collagen, the properties of which we mentioned above. Quit smoking, because tobacco still slows down the blood flow in the human body.
  • Necessary attributes - clothes and shoes. It is necessary to choose so that stockings, tights, socks, any shoes are not tight and do not impede blood circulation. Make sure your feet are more likely to rest. To do this, lift them up. If you are lying down, lay a pillow under your feet.
  • Elastic stockings - contribute to the normal movement of blood in the vessels, due to the stocking, which strongly squeezes the top almost the entire ankle. But to use such stockings is necessary only after consulting a doctor.
  • Special exercises - help to improve the outflow from the veins. The simplest of them is the bike. Lying on your back, rotate your legs as if you were riding a bicycle.Very effective exercise in swelling of the legs.

Swollen tucked leg

It can happen anywhere, with anyone. With icy conditions, you can easily tuck your foot off the bus on a slippery floor. Somehow I twisted leg - swollen. What to do in such a situation, I will tell right now:

  • The first is to consult a doctor. Only he will examine the injury and prescribe the correct treatment.
  • If medical assistance is not available for some reason, then the following should be done:
    1. When lying down, keep your leg as high as possible.
    2. If abrasions are present, rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Put ice in a bruised place and take anesthetic medicine.

After reading this article, you know what should be done in those unpleasant cases when the legs are swollen. We wish you good health so that there is no need to be treated.

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