What to give for a silver wedding?

25 years of married life is a clear testimony of strong family relationships that we were able to endure together with many adversities. The couple who managed to save their marriage is worthy of respect, honors and, of course, nice gifts that emphasize the significance of the round date.

Below are the general options for a silver wedding gift.

Anniversary Gift Options


Each wedding anniversary is associated with a particular material. The first years of life together marked chintz, paper, leather. They are replaced by simple metals, after - porcelain, simple stones. But 25 years of marriage - the date is very significant, and therefore it is associated with silver. This is a beautiful noble metal, quite hardy, not afraid of time. It could not be better suited for such an anniversary. That is why on the Silver wedding it is possible to give:

  • Silver jewelry for a married couple. For him it could be, for example, a ring, cuff links, a chain, a clip for a tie; for her - a set of earrings and rings, necklace, glasses in a silver frame, brooch, bracelet or hairpin.
  • Dishes.Of course, such a gift will be very expensive, but it will become a true family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. You can buy coasters, glasses decorated with silver, or silver knives, forks, teaspoons.
  • Products for decoration: elegant candlesticks, original statuette, decorative dish or tray, photo frame.
  • Icon in a silver frame. Very soulful, filled with good and light faith gift.
  • Custom-made coin / medal. On it you can engrave the names of spouses and their wishes.

Useful things for home

Choosing what to present for a silver wedding is practical, necessary, you can opt for the following options:

  • Table or tea set, dessert / salad vases, barware, etc.
  • Furniture (ottomans, coffee table, banquette, wicker set for the garden / balcony).
  • Lamps (it is better to give them at least in a pair, so that they look more logical in the interior). This can be a table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier.
  • Appliances: coffee maker, air humidifier, vacuum cleaner, tablet, food processor, camera, home telephone, dishwasher, etc.
  • Bed linen, handmade decorative pillowcases, a set of towels and bathrobes, an openwork tablecloth and cloth napkins, bedspreads and blankets.
  • Set of travel bags, cooler bag (for travel enthusiasts).
  • Electric fireplace.
  • Solid brazier with openwork forged metal inserts.
  • Tent and inflatable boat (if a couple loves to relax in nature).

Impression Gifts

It is very important today to donate not material things, but various certificates, trips, entrance tickets to events, allowing the addressee to realize an old dream or just to get pleasant bright emotions. For example, it could be:

  • Subscription to attend dance courses / drawing / playing a musical instrument.
  • Tickets for the concert, performance, sports competitions.
  • Certificate of flight by helicopter.
  • A trip to the resort / resort.
  • Book a table for two in a respectable restaurant.
  • Certificate for a horse ride.
  • Spa subscription / yoga / pool.
  • Gift certificate for hunting / fishing.

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