What to give to my aunt?

The choice of a gift depends largely on your status in relation to the person to whom the gift is intended. What kind of person you are: a close or distant relative, friend or friend, colleague or classmate. For some reason, it is most difficult to choose gifts for relatives, especially if they are older than you in a relative rank: parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts. Here, for example, what to give to my aunt? Let's think together on this difficult choice. And consider two options for a gift: from the heart and to the soul.

A gift from the heart

In such a gift you must "put your soul." What does it mean? This means that such a gift is best done with your own hands. And it does not matter how old you or your aunt is, it is important that, when making a gift, you thought about this person close to you and tried to bring him joy.

So if you know how to sew, knit, sculpt, draw, etc., etc., feel free to start making a gift. And what of the category of homemade gifts you can give a woman?

  • Knitted mittens or gloves, scarves and napkins, socks and slippers.In short, everything that comes out from under your skillful knitting needles or hook.
  • Panels and statuettes made in the technique of sculpting from salt dough, cold porcelain or polymer clay.
  • Accessories for kitchen sewn by you: pot holders, towels, tablecloths, bags for storing cereals. It will be especially pleasant to get your aunt such accessories, decorated with embroidery.
  • Embroidered tablecloths and linens or even embroidered pattern.
  • Useful little things that can also be stitched or knitted: a phone case, a cosmetic bag, a summer bag.
  • Decorative items: topiary, wind music, dream catcher.

Variants of such gifts are many. It all depends on your skill and the means that you can spend on materials for making a gift.

You can not only make a gift “from the heart”, but also buy it. For example, there are things that you like very much. Here you would like to buy something for yourself, so buy it as a gift to your aunt. Such a gift will also be made from the heart, because this thing would certainly please you. And you share such joy with someone close to you. Of course, it is worth choosing things that will be an appropriate gift given the age, character and tastes of the person to whom it is intended.

A gift for the soul

This is a gift that will certainly please the recipient. Naturally, when choosing a gift “for the soul”, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the person to whom it is intended. Such a gift will be any items (objects) that a person dreams of, but does not dare to buy them independently.

For example, if your aunt is fond of knitting, give her a set of high-quality (and preferably expensive!) Yarn. Does she like to bake? Then she will definitely like fashionable silicone bakeware or pastry syringe, or a beautiful dish for cakes and pies.

Is she an avid traveler? Buy her a new convenient and roomy suitcase. Does your aunt enjoy gardening or landscape design? Give her seeds of rare flowers or something for a garden interior: solar-powered garden lanterns, a fence for a flower garden, some kind of garden sculpture.

If the aunt devotes a lot of time to caring for herself, then the gift is even easier to choose: a good manicure (pedicure) set, branded perfumes, a new advertised (and therefore expensive!) Face or body cream, a spa set for a bath.

Of course, the gift itself and its value largely depend on both the age of the donor and his financial viability, and on the reason for which the gift is made.On calendar holidays (March 8, New Year) it is customary to give small and inexpensive gifts. For a birthday, you can donate something more “weighty” or even limit yourself to a money envelope. But on the anniversary of the money to give is not accepted.

Oh, and do not forget the flowers! It does not matter who you are with your aunt: a nephew or a niece.

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