What to give the former?

As often happens, the ex-spouses remain good friends and continue to communicate. The company of friends remains the same, mutual friends or even common children will join them again and again for numerous holidays.

What to give the former girlfriend for the holiday

When the ex-girlfriend is just your good friend, she will certainly call you to her birthday party. Your main task in such a situation is to pick up a gift so that it in no way gives a hint of any past relationship. Knowing the nature of girls, it is not difficult to guess that any romantic trifle can give rise to the thought that you want her love back. For all these reasons, we will look for a gift that is friendly and neutral.

  • If the lady has a car, give me a seat cover with a heated seat, a car phone holder or a mini vacuum cleaner for the car.
  • If this is New Year's Eve, then you don't need to worry much about the gift for the ex, choose some New Year souvenir and hand it for granted. Let it be a decorative candle, an interesting statuette for its interior or Christmas decorations.
  • An excellent neutral gift will be a flower vase, a women's purse, a book, a set of dishes or a warm blanket with funny slippers.

What to give ex-wife

You, like anyone else, know about the needs of your ex-wife. Remember your family life.

  • To give your ex-wife a good gift, think about what she was into. Hospitable hostess, who always stood on the threshold of girlfriends and friends, give beautiful sets of dishes, a variety of vases for salads, wine glasses, tea sets. The hobbyist will be pleased with the accessories for this hobby: blender, bread maker, baking dish or double boiler.
  • Who does the former work? The gift associated with her work will look pretty neutral. A beautiful diary, a souvenir pen or a new mobile phone will never hinder a business woman, an office manager, a secretary, everything will depend on financial possibilities. If the work of the former wife is related to physical labor, then you should not puzzle over the gift, give her the opportunity to relax ... What to give your ex-wife, if not a certificate! This may be a gift certificate to a beauty salon for the services of a hairdresser, makeup artist,massage therapist; in the studio design and nail; in the spa; or in any store of perfumery, cosmetics, women's clothing. Be careful, do not touch her feelings: you should not give tickets to the gym or the center of medical services, for example.
  • Do not forget about the daily work, make it easier. If there are small children, and the washing machine is broken, give the former a new one. Was there a vacuum cleaner in the house? Did you know that it is necessary to change the pan from time to time? The coating wears out, the effect on health is negative.
  • Want to take care of your ex-wife and help financially? Remember that she is a woman, and even if she wants to make repairs, she will not be given this as easily as you. What are the premises in the apartment in need of repair? Contact the company, which is engaged in repair of residential premises, and order a certificate from it, for example, for the repair of a bathroom.

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