What to give to the wedding?

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What to give to the wedding?

Many are accustomed to celebrate the wedding solemnly, in a big way, inviting a large number of guests. Such a wedding is carefully planned in advance by the future newlyweds themselves, and their parents, relatives, and guests. For guests, the most pressing is the question of what to give young people for the wedding, because going empty-handed to such a celebration is considered a bad form. Next, we consider different options for wedding gifts, as well as give some useful tips.

What to consider when choosing a wedding gift?

A wedding is not a New Year or even another Birthday, when you can present something nice and modest in the absence of time to look for a gift or not enough money. Be sure to consider your gift in advance and not save on its quality. Even if you are preparing a gift with your own hands, you should try to do everything for the upper class, because most people only have a wedding once in their life, and this day should be filled to the maximum only the best.

  • First you need to decide on the amount of money and the number of donors. So, it can be a gift from parents, a common gift from the best bridesmaids to the newlyweds, a gift from one of you, etc. In case you give along with someone, everyone should take part in the selection and preparation of the gift.
  • The “closer” you are to the newlyweds, the more valuable a gift is expected from you. For close relatives and best friends, the choice of a gift should be given special attention.
  • It will be very good if you take into account personal wishes or needs of the future family, and not just buy any standard gift. To find out this information, remember what they both dream about, what they clearly lack, and try to come up with an idea for a gift based on that.
  • Of course, if you are thinking about a typical gift, you should agree in advance with other guests so that you do not give a large number of identical gifts.

What to give to the wedding: specific options

At the wedding, you can make useful, original, expensive gifts, and if you are not deprived of creative abilities, you can create something beautiful with your own hands.Let us consider in detail each group of gifts.

Useful gifts

The most common type of wedding gift because of its practicality and relevance. A young family needs to equip your life, so any gifts from this area will be good.

  • moneyMoney is a simple solution for those who want to help newlyweds to make up for their wedding expenses or save money for the needs of the present and the future. To make this simple, but such a necessary gift not look too pragmatic, present it in a beautiful and / or original form: a wedding card with a special pocket for banknotes, a nice envelope or other suitable packaging. You can make an unusual composition of banknotes - you will find many ideas on the Internet.
  • WasherHousehold appliances are another popular option. The new family will need a refrigerator, microwave, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Other household items. It can be a beautiful expensive bedding set, an elegant tea set, an exquisite decoration for your home, etc.
  • If you do not know exactly what the newlyweds may need, and you cannot consult with other guests, then make it easier: buy a gift certificate, for example, in the same hardware store, and the spouses will then choose what they need.

Expensive gifts

Such presents are made by close wealthy relatives, mostly parents, and often together. As popular examples include the following:

  • carApartment, house or just an impressive sum of money for the purchase or construction of new housing.
  • Car.
  • Luxury long honeymoon tour.
  • From the easier options: items of high-quality furniture, rare, expensive household appliances, etc.

Original gifts

Such ideas are more often realized by the friends of a young couple. And they can be absolutely any price range: and quite expensive, and not really. The main thing is the idea. Here are a few general ideas of what to give to a wedding - develop them into individual ones:

  • Thematic photo shoot (Middle Ages, theme of returning to childhood, musical, in the style of a famous couple, for example, Bonnie and Clyde, Tristan and Isolda, Romeo and Juliet, Johnny Cash and June Carter, etc.).
  • BalloonAny unusual emotional experience. Give both a certificate for a parachute jump, a balloon flight or a hike in the fashionable rooms today, from which you need to get out, having passed in reality this or that quest.Similar options are good for a young, lively couple. If the bride and groom are calmer and less prone to risk, then you can simply give them an interesting trip to some famous place, especially if they are interested in them.
  • Perhaps you will find some original and nice gifts in special gift departments. Just choose such gifts should be carefully: there is a very thin line between vulgarity and triviality and really a gift with a twist. Choose carefully. You can, for example, find some interesting game for a love couple, but such a gift should be from a close friend of the couple to look appropriate, and, of course, in appropriate packaging.
  • As an additional gift to the main ones, you can present a chest with small and pleasant knick-knacks from all friends (if there are a lot of them) with the obligatory wish of a good bride / groom or both of them. Let all friends and girlfriends come up with one knick-knack each (for example, a beautifully decorated candle, a mini-book with wishes, etc.), and then put it all together in a beautiful box or chest and present it to the young.The main goal is to remind the newlyweds how great they are, what good things they have, how wonderful they are to each other, and to wish many, many good things in their life together. This box will bring them a lot of positive emotions.

DIY gifts

Budget and at the same time the original version, since such a second just will not be at the wedding.

  • If you draw well, draw a portrait of the newlyweds. It will be great if you make them not like “passport photo”, but somehow alive, unusual, perhaps even depicting them in the image of someone, but recognizable. A beautiful cartoon is also a good option. Draw a picture that the spouses want to hang on the wall in the living room.
  • Make a bright and colorful photo album about their love story. Paste photos into it and comment on them in a beautiful hand, gradually revealing the history of their acquaintance and relationship.
  • If you knit well, sew, etc., it will be easy for you to create some useful and pleasant things for your home: tacks, beautiful rugs, napkins, and so on. The necessary knitting manuals can be found in our section Knitting.
  • You can pre-make a beautiful video with congratulations from all friends.It will be good if you manage to persuade to make video greetings from those who live far away and can not come to the wedding, and then “stick” all this into a general video.

What to give for a wedding anniversary?

Each year lived together is a special date. Wedding anniversaries are associated with certain materials or substances: paper, chintz, wool, gold, tin, etc. It is believed that, by tradition, gifts should be associated somehow with the material of the anniversary. Therefore, you can find out what the anniversary of the wedding of the parents or a married couple of friends, and present a gift for the occasion. A lot of specific ideas of gifts for a particular date of marriage you will get from the section Gifts for Wedding Day.

You can also highlight a few classic traditional gift options for the wedding day for each spouse. So, the wife can give a luxurious bouquet of flowers, jewelry, any useful and pleasant thing in everyday life. Husband can be presented high-quality alcohol, cigars, anything related to his interests and hobbies. And so that the spouses celebrate this day in the company of each other, give them dinner in a romantic restaurant, a sea trip or a holiday in a warm country.

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