What to give your sister for birthday - gift lists

In the article I will tell you what to give your sister for a birthday, share ideas and lists of gifts. As a result, you will be able to give your sister a wonderful gift that will demonstrate your attention and bring a lot of joy.

Relationships between children do not always develop as the parents wish. Kids often quarrel, tease and fight. However, this does not prevent the little brothers and sisters from loving each other and, if necessary, jointly defending family interests.

Even when children become adults and make families, nothing can break the invisible strong bond. There are cases when a sister is extremely problematic to understand. However, to make a good birthday present for my sister, it is not necessary to know her thoughts.

Sample Gift Lists

  • If the sister is an adult and has managed to start a family, present a little thing that will help in maintaining the family hearth. A food processor, a mixer, a microwave oven, a modern iron or a vacuum cleaner are perfect for the role of such a gift.
  • Sister, keen on cooking, can be presented on birthday beautiful utensils. A set of pans or pots, salad bowl, sauceboat, tea set. She will be delighted and a good cookbook. If you have difficulties with the choice, consult with your mother. She will prompt the standing idea.
  • Do not disregard personalized gifts. We are talking about cosmetics and perfumes. If there is no rich knowledge in this area, give your sister a gift certificate for cosmetics.
  • A stylish accessory, whether it is a clutch bag, a leather backpack, a woolen scarf or a fashionable bracelet, is a worthy gift option.
  • When choosing jewelry, consider the age of the recipient. The younger sister fit silver earrings, and the adult lady - gold bracelet.
  • Emotional gifts, such as a holiday ticket, buy, taking into account the free time of the sister.
  • For sports, donate a bicycle, roller skates or a modern fitness tracker. Give a true fan of extreme sports a parachute jump or a sightseeing balloon flight over your hometown.

As you can see, there is a huge amount of gifts to his beloved sister.However, I recommend doing a little differently. It is much better to invite a sister to a restaurant or cafe for dinner. Birthday will be a great occasion for a meeting, in which you will remember your childhood, discuss family problems or plans for the future. This option is ideal for people who rarely see their sisters.

Regardless of the gift option, be sure to complement it with a bouquet of flowers. And so that the addition was original, instead of live tulips or roses, you can use dried flowers. This bouquet will decorate the house and for many years will remind your sister of you.

What to give your sister for the New Year?

Beautiful cake as a gift

It does not matter how much you plan to spend on the purchase of a New Year's gift for your sister. The main thing is to prepare for the New Year holidays in advance. You can give something small, stylish, healthy, warm or edible.

  1. Cake and a bottle of good wine. Going to visit, take this tandem with you. Wine can be bought at a specialty store, and you can order a cake or bake it yourself. Our site will tell you which Christmas cakes deserve special attention.
  2. If your sister likes to cook, give a hand-written professional cookbook.
  3. Plying the Internet in search of original gift ideas, I found some more good options. These include a bag holder. This uncomplicated and useful thing is convenient to use. On the holder you can hang a bag, an umbrella, clothes.
  4. Diamond knife sharpener is a good option. It may seem that such a thing is not the best New Year's gift. But wait. Not every girl is able to independently choose a set of high-quality knives and independently sharpen them.
  5. You can find a huge number of women's gifts for the New Year. For example, cosmetic mirrors, manicure sets, glass boxes.
  6. If you carefully examine her sister's makeup bag, you can be sure to notice the absence of any means - powder, lipstick or cream. You can give shampoo, shower gel, small appliances, curling iron or hair dryer.
  7. Fashionable gifts - a bright scarf, warm mittens, a volume knitted hat, a collar are ideal for the New Year.
  8. If you strive to make an exclusive gift, pay attention to the handmade items.Candles will decorate the bedroom, and homemade soap there is a place in the bathroom. This category of gifts also includes vases, Christmas balls, tea houses, trays, decorative cutting boards and other things.

Agree, the ideas of New Year's gifts for her sister are both good and inexpensive. I will add, often sports clubs during the New Year holidays hold various promotions. This is a great opportunity to purchase a couple of tickets at a discount and start playing sports with your sister in the coming year.

How to choose a gift to my sister

Jewelry set

A sister is a loved one, a loyal and close friend who will support, give good advice or help at any time.

At the beginning of the article, you learned what is best to give gifts to her sister for her birthday and New Year. I think you noticed that the recommendations are general in nature and are aimed at adult sisters. In conclusion, I will tell you how to choose the right gift for a little sister according to age.

Little sister

Teddy bear in the forest

If a sister goes to kindergarten or primary school, it will be easy to choose a gift. The list of items includes categories - deeds, toys, and developmental kits.

  • The designer for girls, a set for creativity, the developing book, a board game or a puzzle. The main thing is that the chosen thing is safe and age appropriate.
  • Choosing a toy, be guided by interests and hobbies. The ideal option is a soft toy or doll, made in the form of a favorite hero from cartoons.
  • A gift is a thematic celebration, a visit to a dolphinarium, an amusement park and a planetarium, and a horse ride. A suitable institution will help you choose the wishes of the crumbs.

Teenage sister

Stylish and trendy scarf

Practice shows that girls in adolescence care about appearance. Therefore, choose a gift to a teenage sister should be among cosmetics, accessories and clothing.

  1. Stylish things famous brand. During the selection, be guided by the tastes, features of the figure and the little sister's favorite color.
  2. Jewelery and jewelry. I recommend the choice to stop at the beautiful, but inconspicuous jewelry with reliable clasps.
  3. Fashion accessories - wallet, scarf, bag. It is important that the chosen thing matches the wardrobe in style and color.
  4. High-quality cosmetics, selected in accordance with the age, skin type and hair of a teenager.
  5. If you have money, you can donate small appliances.The list of things includes: a player with good headphones, mobile phone, tablet PC and other gadgets.
  6. If you are trying to plunge your sister into shock, organize a photo session for her. The performance should involve only professionals, including a photographer, makeup artist and stylist.

If my ideas do not fit, and it is impossible to choose a gift for my sister on my own, try to resort to the help of her friends. In our time to solve this issue is easiest through social networks.

Adult sister

Man draws a picture

Adult women are not interested in trinkets, and they can purchase necessary things on their own. Therefore, to make a memorable and impressive gift is not easy.

  • Money is too trite. It is better to stop the choice on the gift certificate.
  • Certificate in a beauty salon or a trip to the resort. However, in the latter case, it would not hurt to communicate with her colleagues and clarify whether the guide will provide vacation for the rest.
  • The subject of the interior and household items. An excellent gift can be a beautiful statue, a painting, a custom vase, or an exotic plant such as an orchid phalaenopsis.

A sister is the person who most deserves gifts from the hands of her brothers and sisters. If you try to express her love and care, that's great. Thanks to my ideas, collected and systematized in the material, you can find a great gift.

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