What to replace the cheese?

Cheese is very often used in the preparation of various culinary delights: sushi, lasagna, pizza, pasta, cheesecake. However, in the classic recipes used such varieties of cheese, which are either difficult to find in ordinary stores, or they can not afford a simple man in the street. How to replace the cheese in these recipes and how to choose a budget alternative to expensive sorts of cheese?

What to replace Parmesan cheese

Parmesan is a hard Italian cheese, its structure is fragile, granular-scaly, so it does not form filaments when melted. To cook one head of Parmesan, 550 liters of milk are required, and the time of ripening of such a head after cooking is 36 months. It is not surprising that the cost of a kilogram reaches 1200 rubles. Of course, housewives have a question, what can replace cheese of such value?

If the recipe uses grated Parmesan (for pizza or lasagne), then you can replace it with any hard cheese: Rokiskis or Djugas (Lithuania), Swiss Cheese (Altai), any Dutch or Russian hard cheese.

For dishes where the taste of Parmesan is important or its property does not melt to stretching threads,The only possible substitute is Grana Padano (Italy).

What to replace cheese ricotta

Ricotta is an Italian dairy product made from whey left over after cooking Mozzarella or other cheeses. Ricotta has a sweetish taste, its fat content varies from 8 to 24%. Most often, Ricotta is used to make desserts: cakes, pies, cannoli. A kilogram of this cheese costs about 1000 rubles, but you can find a cheaper equivalent to this cheese, or rather, prepare it yourself.

Take a packet of sour milk and freeze it in the freezer. Remove the frozen bag and cut it. Take a saucepan, put a colander on it, put several layers of gauze into a colander. Put a frozen piece of yogurt in this colander and leave to thaw overnight. During the night, the whey will run off to the pan, and the curd mass will remain in the colander. Collect the gauze in a bundle and squeeze the mass. Ricotta cheese analogue for cakes and cheesecakes is ready.

How to replace Philadelphia cheese

Philadelphia cheese is a soft cream cheese made from milk and cream with a delicate flavor. The name "Philadelphia" is a brand of cream cheese, which appeared in the light of the American company Kraft Foods. The price for a jar of 175 grams comes to 250 rubles.And if in the recipe you need to take 600 grams of this cheese? Of course, you need to look for a cheaper counterpart. The most similar to "Philadelphia" are Mascarpone and Boursen cheeses, but they also cost a lot. From the economy variant, the cheese “Almette” (“Hohland”), “Buko”, “Rama Creme Bonjour” will suit. Some housewives use cream cheese "Friendship" and cream "President" in the tubs, as well as cheeses "Viola" and "Violett".

What to replace Mascarpone cheese

Mascarpone - Italian cream cheese from the Lombardy region. It contains 75% fat and has a creamy consistency, therefore it is often used in the preparation of desserts: cheesecakes, tiramisu, and is also used as an oil for sandwiches. To prepare it, take cow's milk or buffalo milk. The cost of Mascarpone is not inferior to the cost of Philadelphia cheese. Here are some recipes for making a "substitute" for Mascarpone cheese.

Analogue of Mascarpone cheese №1

  • Cream cheese (any cream cheese from “substitutes” of Philadelphia cheese) - 1 package;
  • Cream (fat) - 100 ml;
  • Butter (it is better to soften in advance) - 2 tbsp. l


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl: cream cheese, cream and melted butter. Mix thoroughly, blend with a blender.Use for desserts or for making delicate sandwiches.

Analogue of Mascarpone cheese №2

  • Chicken egg yolk - 3 pcs;
  • Sugar - 100 g;
  • Milk (or cream 10% fat) - 75 ml;
  • Ricotta cheese (you can take its substitute, which is described above) - 430 grams;
  • Fatty cream (35%) - 200 ml.


Pour into the saucepan yolks and milk, add sugar. Cook the mixture over low heat for a couple of minutes. Cool the mixture.

Whip the heavy cream, add to the mixture. Add ricotta cheese or its substitute and mix thoroughly.

Analogue of Mascarpone cheese №3

  • Cream cheese - 230 grams;
  • Sour cream - 2 tbsp. l
  • Fatty cream (35%) - 2 tbsp. l

Whip cream, add all other ingredients, mix thoroughly. Use the prepared mixture for the preparation of tiramisu dessert.

In addition, Mascarpone cheese is replaced by a mixture of cream and cottage cheese. To do this, you need to mix a non-sour fat cottage cheese with heavy cream and whip to a uniform thick mass.

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