What to take to Thailand?

A long-awaited vacation is not far off, and even in Thailand. This place will give you a sea of ​​unforgettable vivid impressions that will not leave you until your next trip. But, what to take to Thailand, in order not to need anything? Do not rush to pack immense sizes of suitcases, better stop and think carefully about your luggage. You are going to where you do not need a whole wardrobe of things, because Thailand welcomes only freedom and ease!


The first thing to think about when deciding what to take to Thailand is the documents:

  • Copies of passports of all family members.
  • Prints of tickets in the opposite direction to another country (they are necessary, because Russians have the right to stay in Thailand for no more than 30 days, if they do not have a visa, they often require a return ticket at the border).
  • Medical insurance (all questions related to medicine that may arise during your vacation, it is easier to solve if you have insurance).
  • A listing of the hotel or guest house reservation where you plan to enter.


Many people do not know how much to take money to Thailand, and the budget is just necessary to calculate.

  • Food. If you are going to any island, get ready for the fact that you have to spend a lot of money on food.Phuket Island is especially expensive for you, but in Patay you will be able to save quite a bit. Fans of European food: hamburgers, pasta, steaks, will overpay even more. In general, for two people you need to take 900 - 1600 baht for one day, taking into account the fact that this money is not enough for all sorts of sea delights and lobsters.
  • Excursions. An important component of the cost - it excursions. During the day, a tour of the islands on a Thai motorboat will cost at least 500 baht per person, and on a boat - even more expensive. Multi-day excursion with overnight costs from 3000 baht.
  • Housing Rental housing costs from 3000 baht per month. It is possible to rent a house or rent a room in the guesthouse. But in Phuket, near the sea, comfortable accommodation for less than 25,000 will not be able to remove. An advantageous option is to rent a room in a small hotel for at least a week, about 500 baht.
  • Transport. Rent a car in the resort areas of Thailand will cost from 1,000 baht, a trip by bus or minivan between cities - from 160 to 1500 per person.
  • Flights. If you get to sell tickets, then spend about 300-1500 baht for each, and without a sale - for 2000 and above.

Calculate the amount, given your habits and appetite. The budget for the month for a couple is 17 000 and to infinity.

Shoes and clothes

Now let's figure out what to take to Thailand, in addition to money and documents. Of course, these are clothes, the choice of which is individual for each of us. There are several things that are fundamental to all. The main thing is not to pack with yourself too many things that you will not need in the totals. Remember that in Thailand a large selection of high-quality and cheap products is sold, so that at any time you can buy something that is not enough.

Take with you a few light T-shirts with a short sleeve and a few with a long one, a dress and a skirt for a woman, a summer shirt and a pair of shorts for a man, a change of underwear, and also a hat, a baseball cap or a sun hat. Do not forget swimming trunks or swimsuit. If you plan to visit museums and temples, then grab the clothes covering the shoulders. Shoes should also be very light and comfortable. These can be slates, sandals or something else. Fans of exploring the highlands, it is important to grab sneakers. Those who wish to make a trip to the temples will need shoes that closes the heel.

First aid kit

The most important thing is the presence of a first-aid kit. Especially if you travel with children. What medicines to take to Thailand? All and more. In the case of a first-aid kit, it is better to take with you more than necessary, than to get something. The bulk of your first aid kit should take drugs that treat stomach problems. It can be activated carbon and mezim. The thing is that the stomach, with unaccustomed, can cope poorly with water and food, but you do not want the whole rest to suffer from stomach cramps?

Another problem - corns that occur during walks. Sand is often clogged in shoes and feet are affected. Put patches of calluses in your first aid kit. It is necessary to grab the anti-burn cream and antipyretic, which is necessary during the acclimatization of the first few days. Taking medicines from Thailand for treating scratches and wounds is also necessary.

What to take a child in Thailand

For a baby on a trip to a place like Thailand, the mosquito net for the stroller will be the most necessary, otherwise the baby will be tortured by various insects. With a net, he can relax in the fresh air. You will also need a fumigator for the night.During the flight, you will use diapers, and at the very rest - your choice. A lot of clothes for babies will not be needed because of the strong heat, especially since you can always buy it on the market or in a supermarket at good prices. For artificially children, take baby food only for the first time, in Thailand you can buy any cereal and mixes. And for walking, the best option is a stroller-stick.

What needs to take to Thailand, besides these all things? Of course, these are personal care products, cosmetics - cream or tanning lotion, equipment of your choice, for example, a camera and a camera, an interesting book, a beach umbrella, flippers, masks, a rubber ring and mattress, which can also be bought at a spa . Enjoy your holiday!

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