What to write on the ring?

Wedding rings are not just symbolsunion, but also eternal love and loyalty to each other. But as practice shows, over time, the couple doubts their choice, and feelings are completely lost. Psychologists explain this by the fact that in everyday vanity, two loving people forget about the moments when they were happy, about oaths to each other, and sometimes it's so important to remember, then how it all began. Therefore, the inscriptions on the rings of spouses play a very important role, because they are the ones in difficult situations of conjugal life that make us remember how important this person is to this love, which beloved dreamed, and that everything is not lost.

The fineness of engraving on the rings

Some secret message, which is engraved onthe inner side of the ring, first appeared in Medieval Europe. This procedure is usual in the West, although we have not yet become a tradition, but every day it is gaining popularity. There are some rules, adhering to which, you do not have to re-do after anything:

  • On an uneven surface of a cylindrical shaperings are much harder to engrave, and in this case chances are great that the inscription will not only look bad, but will also be illegible. Therefore engraving on engagement rings is best obtained if they are of a symmetrical shape.
  • Before engraving, you need to try on the rings, because if they do not fit, then changing the size will change and the inscription, that is, deteriorate.
  • Before ordering the engraving, make sure that everything is correctly written and nothing is mistaken, especially if the inscription is in another language.
  • Do not choose long phrases, they may not fit. The phrase should be as short as possible. Font choose a classic that could easily be read.

Variations of inscriptions on rings

So often ask one single question aboutwhat to write on the ring. And this is not surprising, because the inscription must be understood only by the spouses, so that the advice of other people is not appropriate in this situation.

So, let's consider all possible variants of engraving:


Most often engrave the date of the wedding, but alsoyou can write a dating date or the first day of the relationship. An interesting option, may be the date when the proposal was made, or when the couple swore to each other in eternal love. In any case, such a choice should display the most important and memorable day.


Never get out of fashion to etch names on ornaments. As for the wedding rings, they make inscriptions of the names of the spouses or initials.

Vows and personal phrases

A declaration of love will always remind you ofthe happiness that your relationship has given. The most popular are the words "together forever", "one love" or "love forever". But you can be more original and write something that only you can understand, for example, a code word, or nicknames. They will become more personal if they are engraved in some other language, for example, in Latin, and then certainly, very few people will be able to understand the inscription. Confessions of love in English is better not to write, after all the phrase "I love you" will be immediately understood, but if you choose Greek or Turkish, no one will guess, and it will look like "S" ayapo "and" Seni seviyorum ". As for expressions in Latin, nowadays they are popular:

  • "Ad finem saeculorum", which means, until the end of time;
  • "Con amore" - with love;
  • "In aeternum" is an eternal union;
  • "Hoc erat in fatis" - it was meant to be.

There is still a huge number of expressions, and they all express gratitude, loyalty and love.


The most popular are the characters, because they certainly can only understand the couple, if this is certainly not a banal heart. It can be a symbol of eternity or infinity of your love.

Recall that the phrase from your favorite songs is notthe best option, because the ring all the phrase can not fit, but only part of it will look ridiculous. And as for religious phrases, it all depends on the person's discretion, but if it's wedding rings, then show all your love in the inscription to a loved one, not religion.

Note, just as in fashion includes a newthe proposal of engraving, namely the so-called "compound rings". The inscription is applied to the inner ring, which closes the outer ring and to see the inscription, you need to push apart the two halves of the outer ring. But such engraving, unfortunately, is not done in all workshops, since they do not have similar work experience. But you will agree, this is an ideal option, because with such a ring, only you will know the meaning of the inscription, and only you will know where it is hidden.

Now you know what engraving can be on engagement rings.

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