Caring for a dog, although it takes time and effort, is successfully compensated by the joy of having a four-legged friend in life. Before you start a special breed dog, collect as much information about it as possible.

A healthy dog ​​is a sea of ​​pleasure and as much careA healthy dog ​​is a sea of ​​pleasure and as much care

How long should you walk the dog?

For a dog of any breed, a walk is not only an opportunity to cope with natural need, but also to go in for sports, make new acquaintances and spend time with the owner. Depending on the breed, age and state of health of the animal, it is recommended to walk with the dog two to four times a day.
You must walk with the dogYou must walk with the dog
Minimum walk time is 20 minutes. Usually, so much time is spent on a morning walk by people who lead the dog before work. But if the morning walk is so short, then in the evening you need to walk with the dog for at least an hour. Be sure to take the dog with you to nature or the sea to give her the joy of being in the fresh air as much as possible.

How to play with a dog?

A dog, especially a puppy, requires attention from its owner.Useful will be educational games, during which your pet will not only be able to learn, but also spend energy. For example, you can hide a treat in the apartment and give the dog a task to find it.
Dogs need outdoor gamesDogs need outdoor games
Each dog has a favorite toy, which she will gladly bring again and again to the owner. Outside, you can throw her a stick or a ball. If you play with a baby, for example, take a ball from her, do not forget that from time to time you need to give the animal the opportunity to win and outwit you. So the puppy will develop self-reliance.

What do you need for a dog?

After you have a pet, you need to visit a pet store to buy a number of necessary things. You will need:
- Bowl for food and separately for water.
- Stock of food. Veterinarians are advised to feed dogs not with human food, but with specially developed food. Manufacturers present a wide range of food for various types of animals. You can choose the necessary nutrient mixture in a convenient form, taking into account the breed, age, state of health, conditions of detention and taste preferences of the pet.
Do not feed the dog from your tableDo not feed the dog from your table
- Hygiene items.
For animals that take for a walk, shoes and foot sprays will be needed; remedies to help get rid of fleas, shampoos for washing, bags so that the city remains clean. They protect against the harmful effects of the street on the animal and the penetration of the house of infection.
For small pets who rarely leave the house, hygiene items are needed to minimize the inconvenience associated with their maintenance (tray, odor protection products).
Many dogs love to swim.Many dogs love to swim.
- Toys. With their help, these innate hunters will be able to realize their natural instincts. It is the lack of toys, accessories and attention of the owners that usually lead to the appearance of “eaten” sneakers, a bitten sofa and broken pillows in the house.
In severe weather, dogs need clothesIn severe weather, dogs need clothes
- Accessories. Among them are both absolutely necessary items (for example, a leash, a muzzle (for large dogs), a brush for long-haired pets), and fashionable knick-knacks (like carnival costumes for animals). In any case, accessories selected with love will make animal care more pleasant, interesting and fun.
How to care for a dog? Give lapu
- Veterinary drugs.Even healthy animals need preventive procedures to maintain their health, beauty and activity. The selection of the necessary funds should be handled by a professional veterinarian. Ask what vitamins and helminthic drugs are better to give your pet.
The dog will love you just like thatThe dog will love you just like that
Editorial believes that the dog becomes a member of the family. The better her care will be, the healthier and happier she will be. We also invite you to read the article about in the world.

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