When is Youth Day?

Youth is the future. It sounds banal, but it's true. To ensure a reasonable and adequate full-fledged future, the state aims at educating young people in tolerant and benevolent relations between religions, races, nations, and so on. Moreover, it is certain that to achieve success for every young man, he must have opportunities, and all opportunities must be backed by the rights that operate within the framework of the constitution.

This day embodies the protest of all healthyin all respects, youth against AIDS, terror, violence, hunger, nationalism and other global problems that somehow or other take place. When is Youth Day? There are two dates: International Youth Day and Youth Day of Russia.

Russian Youth Day

Russia celebrates its Youth Day on June 27,which arose in 1993 and approved on June 24 B.N. Yeltsin. The decree, entitled "On the celebration of Youth Day," was signed after the appeal of the Russian Federation Committee on Youth Affairs and the National Council of Youth Associations to the President.

International Youth Day

But there is also the International Youth Day. The history of this holiday is as follows: in 1998, the World Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth was held in Lisbon on August 8-12, on behalf of which the UN General Assembly established the day of August 12 as the International Youth Day. The first celebration was in 2000.

Goals of holidays dedicated to youth

Both holidays were set with certainimportant goals. Informing young people and thereby protecting against adverse factors is one of the key goals. Speaking of unfavorable factors, it means the educational program and the manifestation of the interest of young people in relation to their rights, and thus opportunities for their own personal realization.

Drugs, fatal infections, some countriescan not provide the population with food, wars, discrimination of all kinds - all these moral deformities of modern society can turn the future into chaos, if not to unite the youth of all countries, faiths and nations with common interests and reasonable goals, to take them as healthy developmental motives. After all, there can not be a normal future where the younger generation is left to itself, does not have high goals for its own development, or, having goals, has no opportunities.

Future well-being depends on the present action.

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