When to sow cabbage?

Nikolay Golovatyuk
Nikolay Golovatyuk
December 5, 2012
When to sow cabbage?

Usually the cabbage is planted in the form of seedlings. Before that, it is grown from seeds in greenhouse conditions. This may be the window sill of the apartment.

Seed preparation

Before sowing, the seeds of white cabbage should be prepared. To do this, first they are placed in a 50-degree water for 15 minutes. Then for 1 minute, dipped in cold water, placed in a vessel with a solution of trace elements for 12 hours. And finally, during the day stored in the refrigerator.

Soil preparation

Before sowing seeds, soil is prepared, which contains soil, sand and peat in equal proportions. It is best to use the land not plowed, as from the garden it may be infected with diseases. Immediately before sowing the seeds, pour the substrate with a solution of potassium permanganate to prevent diseases.

Sowing seeds

The time when sowing cabbage is determined based on the length of the growing season and the timing of harvesting a particular variety. Given that the duration of cultivation of seedlings is 50 days, and seedlings of early varieties of cabbage are planted in the beds in early May, then it should be sown on March 10.The next are late-maturing varieties of cabbage (after 1-2 weeks), since they have a long growing season, and the latter are mid-season varieties. They can be sown directly in open soil in April under the film.

The troubles are justified: cabbage is a little inferior to lemon in terms of vitamin C content, nowhere else is vitamin U found, which successfully counteracts ulcers and gastritis.

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