When to change brake pads?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
December 12, 2012
When to change brake pads?

Even the most expensive and reliable car, though occasionally, still needs repair. For example, from time to time you need to change the brake pads. No matter how high-quality and reliable they are, they still need to be replaced in time. First of all, regular replacement of brake pads are requirements for ensuring safe driving, or rather, braking. Over time, the details of the pads grind. Usually, the manufacturer specifies in the service book for a car after how much to change the brake pads. But there are several conditions by which it can be determined that replacement is necessary.

When to change brake pads: conditions

Several external factors can affect the frequency of replacement of brake pads. Much depends on how the car owner treats his vehicle, how and on what roads he usually goes, in what situations and how often he uses the brake pedal.

It is worth noting the factthat the front and rear brake pads are erased unevenly. When braking, the entire mass of the car moves forward, respectively, much more grip in front than in the rear. Because the rear brake pads will last much longer than the front ones. How often to change the brake pads? On average, the front is enough for 20-30 thousand kilometers. Rear - by as much as 40-60 thousand. In general, it is recommended to undergo full maintenance of the car annually.

The frequency of replacing brake pads is also influenced by the weight of the car and its usual load. Also, the life of the pads is affected by the material from which they are made, that is, the original quality of the brake pads.

The degree of deterioration of the brake pads can guess every driver. Indeed, over time, due to the wear of the brake pads, the braking path increases. Also, the failure of the brake pads can be identified by the characteristic sound produced by friction. So, when you press the brake pedal may appear creaking sound, screeching or gnashing.

During the inspection, wear can be determined by the thickness of the brake part of the pad, there you can see small transverse grooves. If the brake pads are worn to the base of these furrows, then they must be immediately replaced.This does not mean that the brake pedal does not work in the car, but an increased stopping distance may be dangerous for others and the driver himself.

When to change the brake pads, if it is impossible to determine the degree of wear, but there are suspicions that the pads are not all right? Then you need to contact the technical center for a routine inspection.

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