When to plant strawberries?

May 13, 2015
When to plant strawberries?

Strawberries are a magnificent berry that grows in natural conditions on the forest edges, in forest glades, moreover, it is also a real storehouse of vitamins. You can grow strawberries yourself in the garden.

Next, let's talk about when to plant strawberries in seedlings, and when - directly on the garden bed.

When to plant strawberries: recommendations

First, consider when to plant strawberries for seedlings. It is better to do this in February or March in order to get the fruits earlier. Next, seedlings are planted in the ground.

Strawberries can be planted twice a year: in the spring (usually at the beginning of May) and closer to the fall (more often in August). Plant better on rainy, cloudy days. For spring planting, the soil needs to be prepared in autumn, and for autumn, respectively, at the end of June. However, with the spring planting period it is not easy to find good, high-quality seedlings, often it has a weak development. But late planting, for example, in October, can adversely affect strawberries - it can freeze. It is not recommended to grow strawberries in one place for more than 2-3 years. Also, do not forget to fertilize the site on time.

Planting strawberries in the summer can be provided that there is a good seedlings. A seedling is considered good if the plant has at least three to five leaves and a root of at least 6 cm in length, then the next year you can expect a good harvest.

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