When was Jesus born?

At all times, people were worried about the question - when was Jesus born? Not one millennium has passed since then, but scientists, theologians, historians, even art historians and writers still argue about the date and place of birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus birth year

Let's start with the fact that Jesus is a completely real person, in our time there are no disputes on this topic. And if he lived, it means that there is a date, a month and a year when Jesus Christ was born. The Bible says that on the birthday of his dream a bright star burned in the sky. Scientists have shown that such a star could be a comet, which was just at that time visible from Earth in Judea (Israel). This fact is indisputable. But with the date when the comet flew over the Earth, again, many scientists have differences. If you collect many of the opinions expressed, it will determine the time period during which Jesus was born. This is from 12 BC to 4 years of our era. This is the reign of King Herod, when he waged his war with the babies. This fact is also historically proven. Of course, 16 years is a long period of time, but because of the prescription of years and due to the huge antithesis of documentary evidence in the form of the Gospel, even such a spread can be considered a complete hit on the target.These dates allow us to answer for certain the question in which year Jesus was born.

Date of birth of jesus

Now you can stop at the number of the birth of Jesus. We celebrate Christmas in December-January because of the difference in the calendar. December 26 is celebrated Catholic Christmas, January 7 - Orthodox. And what do scientists say about these dates? Even in Orthodox religious sources one can read that the birth of Christ was in the spring, March 25-27. This is indicated by the description of this event in all sources. But on December 26 at that time the pagan Sun Day was celebrated. And in order to wean the population from the "bad" holiday, the ancient clergy legalized Christmas on that day. This is the opinion of the modern Orthodox Church!

Modern astrologers are also involved in calculating the date of birth of Jesus Christ. Herman Lomov wrote the whole work “And it's all about Him,” dedicated specifically to the date of birth of Christ. He brought together the studies of many astrologers who lived in different cities, countries and centuries. Researchers of human destinies by the stars built the horoscope of Christ and calculated its exact date of birth (in their opinion) - December 24th.

Birthplace of jesus

With the place where Jesus was born, there is no such confusion, one version. His father Joseph and his mother Mary lived until the conception of the Messiah in Nazareth. But before the birth, the angel told Joseph that the child should be born in Biflema. Therefore, Fifli is the city in which Jesus was born. The family went there, right before the baby was born. As soon as Jesus was born and the wise men offered up the gospel, and the shepherds saw the star, everyone visited the shed where Mary and her baby rested and brought their gifts to them. After that, because of the persecution of Herod, the family fled to Egypt. They did not live there for long, Herod died soon. Jesus was brought back by his parents back to his homeland, to Nazareth, as an infant.

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