Where is Angel Falls: on which mainland?

Geographic data

Each person will be interested to know where are Niagara, Angel, the most famous in width, power and height, which are very popular among tourists from all over the world. They are located in different parts of the world: Victoria - in South Africa, Niagara - in North America.

The mainland where the Angel Falls is located is South America, the country of Venezuela, the municipality of Gran Sabara, 50 km from the village of Canaima. Closest to it (at a distance of 600 km) is the city of Ciudad Bolívar. According to the researchers, the height from which water falls is equal to 1054 m (according to other information - 979 m). Located in the middle of the jungle in the Guiana mountain range in the national park, which is protected by the state. In comparison with the Niagara Falls, Angel is 20 times higher.

Angel on the map of Venezuela

The waterfall is located on Devil's Mountain, so named by the local inhabitants of the Pemon tribe for truly devilish heights, often covered with a veil of fog.Upstairs, at the base of it, stands a huge stone, dividing the flow of water into 2 separate jets, which, like the wings of an angel, fall down.

Due to the high altitude, water that reaches the ground 300 m is sprayed in different directions and forms a thick water mist. Around the "Angel" coast is surrounded by tropical undergrowth, through which it is difficult to pass due to the lack of paved trails.

History of detection of the waterfall and its name

We answer the question in which country and where the Angel Falls is located - in the eastern part of Venezuela. Locals have long called him "Churun-Meru", i.e. "Waterfall at the deepest point." The tribes living in this region were afraid to even climb the top of the mountain from which the water falls, because believed that evil spirits dwell there.

How far this region is from civilization can be judged by the fact that Angel was discovered by accident only in 1935 by an American pilot who noticed a beautiful waterfall from above while flying around the area and searching for gold reserves. His name was J. Angel (James Angel), the name is translated as "angel". It was in his honor that the modern Spanish name Angel was given.

Angel was so fascinated by the beauty of the mountains and the falling streams of water that, knowing now where the Angel Falls is located, 2 years later, on his plane, he brought his wife and friends here. When landing the chassis broke, and everyone had to go down on their feet. Only 11 days later they were able to return to civilization on foot, tell journalists and geologists about their discovery, which glorified the courage of travelers in their articles and stories, after which it was decided to call the waterfall by the name of the pilot.

Angel Falls

In 1949, a special expedition took place, which was able to get through the dense thickets of impenetrable jungle and, armed with maps, arrive at the scene. They made an accurate description, measured the height and determined the coordinates of the Angel Falls, which were: 5.9701 ° north latitude, 62.5362 ° west longitude.

Waterfall formation and surroundings

The relief of the Guiana Plateau is a wavy plain consisting of frozen lava after volcanic eruptions and red sandstone. The plateau is interspersed with mountain peaks that rise in the midst of flat areas. Flowing through the highland with a multitude of zigzags, the Churun ​​River flows: it hits the plateau of the top of Ayantepui and tends straight to the precipice with great speed.

Falling off the mountain, water streams fall from a height of almost a kilometer in two stages: first, 807 m to an obstacle, then another 172 m. , and 100 m lower.

Angel surroundings

Canaima Reserve

Venezuela is a country where you can find impassable jungles and beautiful landscapes, historical wonders and beautiful waterfalls. This is the country where Angel Falls is located and many other interesting and picturesque places lost. Canaima is one of the oldest national parks in the country, opened in 1962. One of its attractions are flat-top "table" mountains of Tepui. They formed those distant times when Africa and South America belonged to the same supercontinent. Canaima National Park is located in South America, near the border with Brazil and Guyana. Its area is 30 thousand square kilometers, the purpose of its construction is to protect the mountains and their surroundings of world famous waterfalls. Not only tourists like to come here, but also “mountain explorers” - climbers who prefer to observe the fabulous views, climbing the cliffs, from a bird's-eye view.

general view of the jungle and mountains

Mountains, flora and fauna of Canaima

The highest and most famous peaks in the reserve - Roraima and Auyantepui, it was after one of the expeditions to them, inspired by wildlife and remoteness of civilization, the writer Conan Doyle created the popular novel “The Lost World”.

In the reserve you can find and see about 300 species of endemic plants that grow only in this area, which has excellent conditions for temperature and humidity. These are mosses, lichens, treacherous dews and other insectivorous plants, beautiful orchids.

The animal world of Canaima is also diverse: chameleons, agouti, tapirs, predatory animals (puma, jaguar), caimans, birds (parrots, owls, hummingbirds, etc.).

Top view of a waterfall

Locals - pemonas

The territory where the Angel Falls is located has long been inhabited by representatives of the Indian pemon. All local jungles, waterfalls, cliffs and plains are considered to be cult for them, possessing energy and special otherworldly power.

Pemonians live in this jungle for more than 1000 years, usually settling on flat terrain. Their huts do not have electricity, and children never go to school, are treated with herbs and other folk remedies.They feed on the fact that they hunt in the woods, and also have small gardens where they grow vegetables and fruits.

Aboriginal people are considered not only as a local symbol, as representatives and elements of the national South American color. They are actively involved in the tourism business, working as guides to the surrounding areas of the national park, with the help of their canoes bring travelers to interesting places and attractions, including the Angel Falls.

During each trip, tourists listen to local legends of the Pemonians, often taking photos with representatives of this tribe.

How to get to the waterfall

How to get to the reserve and waterfall

Even knowing exactly where in which country Angel Falls is located is not easy to get there. It is surrounded by impassable jungles, in which ordinary roads are completely absent, therefore it cannot be done in traditional ways.

The only road from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima has rubble covering, which is why it is dangerous for unprepared tourists.

Travelers who want to see Angel Falls are given 2 ways: fly there by a small plane or sail by canoe with a motor along the Churun ​​River.The place of departure of transport is located near the village Canaima, located near the national park. Here you can also buy memorable souvenirs on the theme of the famous waterfall.

Canaima can be reached by air: there are 5 commercial flights from nearby cities and the capital of Caracas, the cost of the flight is between $ 100-300.

How to get to Angel

Also in recent years, hiking on the national park and crossing with the canoe from the Orinoco delta have become popular.

Where to stay

There are several categories of hotels on the territory of Canaima National Park. Outwardly, they resemble palm leaf houses that blend beautifully into the surrounding landscape. There are small restaurants, cafes and bars where you can try dishes of national cuisine.

It is thanks to the remoteness from civilization that the Canaima reserve reveals all the beauty of nature, its flora and fauna to the travelers who come here.

Knowing on what mainland where the Angel Falls is located, anyone who has traveled or traveled thousands of kilometers, sailed through the wild jungle, can see wildlife and touch a lost civilization in the middle of the South American continent.

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