Where is Penza in Russia?

Where is Penza? How far is the city from Moscow? What is interesting Penza and how to get to it? About this later in the article. At a distance of 629 kilometers from Moscow is Penza. The city is located on the bank of the left tributary Penza).

The article tells about where Penza is located, about the history of the regional center, which in 2013 celebrated its 350th anniversary. Attractions to history lovers will also be considered.

History of Penza

To protect the territory of the Russian state from external enemies in 1663, at the direction of the second Russian tsar from the Romanov dynasty, Alexei Mikhailovich Tishayshiy, a voivode arrived in the Penza River with hundreds of Circassian Cossacks to build a fortress. The plan of the defensive structure was developed by Lieutenant Colonel Osip Zumerovsky. The latter in the future began to lead the construction.

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The total length of the defensive walls of the Kremlin was more than 950 meters, a settlement grew around them of people called upon to perform military or administrative service.Responsibilities for creating a settlement near were assigned to the first Penza governor Elisha Lachinogo.

In those days, the created settlement consisted of approximately 3,300 people. The fortification was attacked several times, but it was not possible to conquer the city.

In gratitude for the protection of the borders of Russia from the south-eastern side of the king was presented to Penza the icon of the Kazan Mother of God. It has survived to our time and is now among the Orthodox main shrine of the city.

In the middle of the 18th century, the Kremlin ceased to fulfill its strategic function. And after a while the region became one of the largest in Russia in the production of agricultural products.

In 1801, Penza received city status. At the same time it becomes the main city of Penza district.

From this year, the urban infrastructure begins to develop, educational and cultural institutions, industrial and agricultural enterprises are being created.

Where is the city of Penza? We'll talk more about this below. Now Penza is the regional cultural center of the Russian Federation with a developed industry, where 530 thousand indigenous people live on a territory of 305 km².

The city tourist office for tourists daily organizes walking tours of the main historical places of the city.

Where is?

Where is the city of Penza? The city is located on the Volga Upland in the central part of Russia. Penza is located 629 km south-east of the capital of the Russian Federation.

The coordinates of the city are as follows:

  • Latitude: 53 ° 12.0396 ′ s. sh.
  • Longitude: 45 ° 0.2784 ′ in. d.

The region borders on the following regions: Saratov (in the south), Ryazan (in the north-west), Tambov (in the west), Ulyanovsk (in the east), and the Republic of Mordovia (in the north).

The following cities are located near Penza (the distance in brackets):

  1. Sursk (47 km).
  2. Kuznetsk (107 km).
  3. Zarechny (363 km).
  4. Kamenka (258 km).
  5. Serdobsk (98 km).
  6. Nizhny Lomov (95 km).
  7. Nikolsk (91 km).
  8. Belinsky (109 km).
  9. Settlement (47 km).
  10. Spassk-Ryazan (332 km).


The Assumption Cathedral is located on the central avenue of the Mironositsky cemetery. In 1836, this place was a wooden church. 63 years later, during a city fire, it burned down. And in 1905, a stone cathedral with three altars was built on the foundation of a burned-out church.

Assumption Cathedral

In 1937 the cathedral was closed, and in it for eight years there were army warehouses.From 1945 to the present, liturgies and church services have been held in the cathedral. They can be attended by tourists and guests of the city. Since 2000, a Christian school for children and adults and theological educational courses have been functioning on the territory of the Cathedral.

Trinity convent

We already know where Penza is. But you still need to consider some of the attractions. For example, tourists wondering where is the convent in Penza? In the old part of the city it is located on Kirov Street. Its history begins in 1689.

At that time, the priest of the city Christmas Church gave the manor to build women's housing for those who suffered nomadic attacks on the territory of the Penza region.

After some time, two more estates were added to the first manor. Their total area was 10,500 m2. It was decided to build a convent and two churches there.

Trinity Monastery

In 1746, on the site of wooden church buildings, a stone Trinity Church was erected and consecrated in the name of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God, and the monastery officially became known as the “Trinity Convent”.

Now tourists are given the opportunity to inspect the two existing stone temples and be present during church services. On the territory of the monastery operates a children's Sunday school. There is also a church library.

Pokrovsky Cathedral of Bishops

Where is the bishop's cathedral in Penza? On Chkalov Street. Tourists pay attention to the beautiful religious building, which is called "Penza Pokrovsky Bishops' Council".

The first wooden church building was built after the formation of the city itself in the Starodragunsky settlement, in which a voluntary horse Cossack squad was formed (now it is the Kalinin street area).

Pokrovsky Cathedral of Bishops

In 1680, the temple was burned, but after 7 years was restored. At that time, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was preserved in the church, in honor of which another church building was erected nearby.

In 1765, a stone church was built on the site of these two wooden churches. He survived to our time. In 1931, the city authorities banned church services. Then the temple was closed, and the cinema was located in the room for a long time.

After 58 years, the building was returned to the Penza church leadership. Since 1990, restoration work began. In 1998, the cathedral was consecrated, and from October 14, daily church services began.

Toy railway

Penza DZHD, located on the outskirts of the city near the village of Sosnovka, refers to the main attractions. Since 1985, the educational and entertainment children's complex has become a favorite vacation spot for Penza’s children and city guests.

The length of the ring road is 1.5 km and passes through the forest, where there are two intermediate stations - "Pioneer" and "Sosnovka". The peculiarity is that this narrow-gauge railway is served by children under the guidance of railway mentors.

Sputnik town and its attractions

Where is Sputnik in Penza? In the southern part of the city is Pervomaysky district (an area of ​​more than 50 km ²). It was created in 1979 by joining several villages located near Penza.

satellite city

Once upon a time there was a large field and a sand pit in this place. For 10 years, under the leadership of the regional leadership, construction work was carried out, urban infrastructure was created.

Now this territory is considered a city in a city where more than 20 thousand people live (area - 275 hectares). Here residential areas, kindergartens, schools and other urban institutions are created. The main attractions are the embankment, located on the shores of an artificial lake, and the light-music fountain built in 2014.

This landmark consists of a complex of three fountains, which are controlled by a computer system. In the evening, thanks to the backlight, which changes in time with the music, it looks especially attractive. The building is located on Naberezhniy Boulevard and is a popular holiday destination for residents and guests of Sputnik.

town satellite in penza

How to get to Penza?

Where is Penza? This we have already figured out. How to get to the city from Moscow? Depending on financial opportunities, you can get to Penza by choosing one of three options.

You can use the services of airlines. Planes depart from Domodedovo and Vnukovo and land in 1.5 hours at the international airport Bolshoe Savino. Ticket price is about 7000 rubles.

At the main railway station of Penza stays the train Moscow - Orsk and Moscow - Penza.

Trains depart from the Kazan station. And arrive in Penza in 14-15 hours. Ticket price will cost 1150 rubles (reserved seat) or 1810 rubles - coupe.

In Moscow, three bus stations (Kazansky, Schelkovsky, South Gate) send long-distance buses Moscow - Penza. Travel time is approximately 14-15 hours. Ticket price from 1200 rubles.

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