Where do monkeys live in nature?

Primates always interested people more than other animals. This is largely due to the anthropological data of some species. Next, consider where the monkeys live, their varieties and characteristics of the life cycle.

where do monkeys live

general information

In nature, there are several hundred species of primates, the most famous of which are humanoid individuals. The length of the monkey's body can vary from a few centimeters to two meters. As a rule, these animals are arboreal lifestyle, kept in groups. Omnivores are active during the day. Preferences in plant or animal food depend on the habitat. Where do monkeys live? Consider their living environment by family.where do monkeys live in the jungle

Igrunk and galagovye

The family Igrunkovye refers to the smallest species of primates. They are very active and mobile, live in trees, all important things are done during the day, at night they sleep in tree hollows. The main food - fruit, seeds, birds and insects. Habitat regions - Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia.

Galago night animals are very active jumpers. The main diet - fruit, other fruits, invertebrates. Habitat - Africa. It can be as dry regions with thorny shrubs, and places with a tropical climate.

where do monkeys live in which country

Family of apes

Next, we consider where the monkeys live and what they eat, most similar to humans? These animals can be low, medium or tall. The mass of animals is, depending on the genus and species, from five to three hundred pounds. Distinctive features - massive addition of the body, long front and short hind limbs. The head is rounded with an outstanding front part. They also have a well-developed brain.

Mostly human apes live in tropical forests, lead a daytime lifestyle, spend a lot of time on trees. Habitat regions - Equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and adjacent island territories. Food - fruits of trees, parts of shrubs, insects, birds, small animals.

where does the spider monkey live


The following features are characteristic of this family:

  • trunk length - from 450 to 900 millimeters;
  • body weight - from 8 to 13 kilograms;
  • original structure with particularly elongated forelimbs;
  • primates have sciatica;
  • animals have thick hair;
  • Kohler animals varies from cream to black or brown.

The gibbon families live primarily in tropical forests on trees, feeding on leaves and fruits. Habitat - Kalimantan, Sumatra, Java, Indochina, Thailand, Burma.where do monkeys live

Where do dwarf lemurs live?

The largest individuals of these animals reach 460 grams. They live in the eastern tropical forests and western arid massifs. Depending on the region, the animals have a red-brown color or a gray tint. Many of these primates inhabit the island of Madagascar. Unlike most other monkeys, lemurs are nocturnal, mostly in the trees. They build nests in the form of foliage balls, use natural hollows as dwellings. The animals usually feed on fruit and roots.

where do monkeys live and what they eat


The following describes where (in which country) monkeys of the tarsier family live, which are a transitional link between lemurs and lower species.Features of these animals:

  • small size - from 280 to 400 millimeters with a tail length of 6-25 cm;
  • weight - 150 g (maximum);
  • The animals have a relatively large and very mobile head, which can be rotated 180 °.
  • shortened muzzle;
  • eyes - big bulging;
  • well developed heel section;
  • wool is velvety, reddish or gray;
  • the long, resilient tail has a tassel at the end;
  • diet - vertebrates, insects, lizards, birds and eggs.

Habitat - Southeast Asia. At the same time, a certain species occupies a specific territory (islands of the Philippine, Sunda and Malay archipelago).


This family is represented by one species and is listed in the Red Book. Individuals are small, slender and somewhat elongated body, rounded head, shortened front part. Monkeys have coarse, brown or black hair.

Where do monkeys of this family live? The main habitats of them are bamboo and mangrove thickets, as well as jungle. Primates are active at night, live a woody lifestyle, sleep in tree hollows or in their crowns. The main food is insects and larvae. Small species can be found only in Madagascar.

where many many wild monkeys live


Features of this family:

  • the category includes eight primate genera;
  • some are tailless;
  • physique is different - from a graceful light body to a massive and heavy body;
  • hind limbs shorter than forepaws;
  • hair is long and silky;
  • the coat covers the entire body, including the sciatic part, the soles and the hind legs.

Where do monkeys live? In the jungle, on open plains, stony places. Mangroves are the main habitats of monkeys. Some of them lead a woody lifestyle, others move along the ground. During the day, the animals are active, at night they settle down for the night in caves or voids of trees. Regions of populations - Southeast Asia, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Gibraltar.


It is the most abundant primate species (11 genera). Animals are medium and small size, have a long hairy tail. Some individuals may use it as an organ of touch. The coat of chain-tailed primates (capuchins) is dense and monophonic. The front of the head is shortened, nostrils are clearly separated, large eyes have pronounced eyelids.

These representatives of primates perfectly move through the trees, feed on plant food, but do not shun insects, bird eggs and other small animals.Capuchins hold their prey with their front paws, the muzzle is able to express some emotions. Habitat - South and Central America, Argentina, Mexico.

 where do monkeys live in the jungle

Where does the arachnid monkey live?

This category of primates lives on the branches of trees, moves through them with the help of tenacious limbs. Animals live in families of up to twenty individuals, which are also divided into groups of 4-5 representatives. They lead a daily lifestyle, eat plant and animal food.

Depending on the species, the coat color of arachnid primates can vary from gray to black color schemes. The main habitat is Peru, Central, South America, Brazil, Bolivia. Above, we looked at where many, many wild monkeys live. It is worth noting that, despite the beauty and visual good nature of some representatives of primates, in fact they can be tricky and very dangerous. In our country, you can look at monkeys in zoos located in large cities.

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