Where to rent a car?

We will soon have a happy event in our family. My sister is getting married. She asked me to help find a car rental company. We live in Moscow. Please advise: maybe you have ready-made proposals.
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Answered on August 10, 21:50
First you need to decide which car you would like to rent. It all depends on what your budget will be.
Answered on August 10, 21:59
It is also important to consider: for how long will you rent a car, because all companies provide the minimum lease term differently.
Answered on August 10 22:09
I also needed this service. My car is under repair, I wondered about the lease. I saw the site on the Internet. This company is located in Moscow and provides car rental services. I was interested in their proposals, and a large selection of cars. Look, maybe you will be interested in the services of this company.
Answered on September 9, 16:24
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