Where to sell gold?

Gold products have been incredibly popular for many years, however, like all things, they eventually get bored or just go out of fashion. Therefore, people sometimes have the desire and the need to sell them and replace them with new ones. We offer to find out where to sell gold in order to get the maximum benefit and isolate yourself from unwanted risk.

Where can I sell gold

Gold jewelry and bars can be sold in several places, and before choosing a method, weigh all its pros and cons.

Jewelry shop

The first thing you should try to contact the famous jewelry stores. If the product is really gold and worth some money, then, as a rule, they will not refuse to repurchase it.

You can visit several stores to determine the weight of your product and find out the cost that you can get for it. The price per gram of gold in different stores may vary, so it is better to spend a little time to find the best option for you.

Also in jewelry stores, you can exchange your gold for a new product.If the weight of the jewelry will be the same, then you only have to pay the cost of the wizard.


When you donate your gold to a pawnshop, you should know that the dealer has a strong interest in personal profit and will offer you the lowest possible price in order to stay with a good profit. Often, the cost of things turns out to be much lower than its cost, so please contact such establishments only in emergency situations.

The great advantage of pawnshops is that after some time you can redeem your product. This is useful if you just needed money for some time. A certain amount will be added to the cost - a percentage for the loan that you have been granted.

Resellers on the streets

Their principle is the same as in pawnshops - to pay you as little money as possible. In addition, you can be deceived with weight or convince of the incorrectness of the sample in your product, since in most cases such people are deceivers and charlatans. Stay away from such deals as far as possible.


They also buy gold in banks, but simple chains and bracelets will not work for them. If you have special bank bars, then you can go with them to banking institutions, they simply will not accept other products.


If you are interested in where to turn in gold, then you should pay your attention to the buying companies that specialize in buying gold and silver in order to melt and use it to create new jewelry. Having handed over your gold to a similar organization, you will not be able to buy it back and return it.

In such firms, you can get the maximum value for your gold. But it is worthwhile to take seriously the choice of such an organization, as many have an impure reputation and can engage in deceiving their clients for the purpose of profit.

Tips before selling

  • Before selling your gold, you should carefully study the products. Perhaps you are the owner of the works of a famous designer, so the price for a thing can double. However, you should say this yourself, since it is beneficial for the jewelers to keep silent about this fact and remain in good profit.
  • Determine the value of the product from famous jewelers. They will tell you what gold sample is in your product and will accurately determine its exact weight.
  • When choosing a pawnshop, shop or buying company, carefully read the reviews on the Internet and, if necessary, make a few clarifying calls.

Now you know how and where to donate gold jewelry. Choose the most suitable option for yourself and act.

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