Which crowns are better?

A dental crown is a micro prosthesis covering the outer part of a tooth. The installation of dental crowns is the most accessible and widespread method of dental prosthetics. Crowns are used not only to restore damaged or partially destroyed teeth (in the case when an existing defect cannot be eliminated with a dental insert or filling), but also to correct the shape of healthy teeth and correct their incorrect location.

Types of dental crowns

Depending on the material from which the dental crown is made, the following types of them are distinguished:

  • metal crowns;
  • non-metallic crowns;
  • combined crowns (metal-plastic, metal-ceramic).

Advantages and disadvantages of various types of dental crowns

Metal dental crowns

The first dental crowns in history were made of metal. They have not lost their relevance in our time.

The advantages of metal crowns

  • Strong and rather durable - service life of 10 - 15 years;
  • inexpensive;
  • hypoallergenic, they do not cause irritation of the gums and do not oxidize, gold crowns are especially good in this regard;
  • To install metal crowns, you do not need to heavily grind the tooth tissue.


  • Not aesthetic.


It makes sense to put metal crowns only on those teeth that are not visible to others. Metal crowns - the best crowns for molars, experiencing the greatest load.

Plastic crowns

Advantages of plastic crowns

  • Made quickly and easily;
  • the cheapest of all crowns;
  • match the color of real teeth.


  • Loose, quickly wear out and hold out on the teeth can only a few years;
  • plastic - a porous material, it absorbs very strong odors (for example, the smell of garlic or tobacco flavor) and the dyes contained in food.


Plastic crowns are ideal as crowns, which are temporarily installed on teeth that have already been turned, prepared for further prosthetics with porcelain or metal-ceramic crowns.

Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns are made of special porcelain mass, which is calcined for strength in a muffle furnace.

The advantages of ceramic crowns

  • Very beautiful;
  • Caps made of porcelain belong to the dentures of the average price category.


  • Very fragile, with large loads they can form chips.


Porcelain crowns can be installed only on the front teeth.

Metal-ceramic dental crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns are a hollow metal frame, covered with a layer of porcelain, so they successfully combine the advantages of metal and porcelain crowns.


  • Pretty durable (service life from 8 to 10 years);
  • Very aesthetic;
  • A bit cheaper than porcelain crowns.


  • To install them, you need to grind the tooth strongly on all sides and remove nerves from it;
  • The crown may still be slightly different in color from the adjacent teeth;
  • Near the very edge of the gum, the metal base of the crown may slightly show through.

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