Who has the biggest salary in Russia? Who gets the highest salary?

Always people were interested in how others live: what neighbor's house, car, income. Is it bad? Scientists claim that no. First, nothing to do with curiosity, especially mass, can not be done. This is the nature of man. Secondly, the comparison can act as a stimulus for growth or a reason for pride. From time immemorial, everyone wants to know "who has a good life in Russia", and during periods of economic growth or recession - "who has the biggest salary in Russia". It's time to reveal the cards ...

The most paid professions

Crossing the school threshold, the former student and hisparents think about further education. After all, it's very difficult to get a good job without it. But also the diploma is not the guarantor of an enviable job placement.

If a young citizen is aimed at obtaining the maximum payment for his work, he should study the areas of activity where professionals receive the largest salaries in Russia.

who has the biggest salary in Russia

Based on the analysis of data for 2014 (the average monthly salary in the country) you can deduce the five most paid professions:

1. The lawyer - 35 000-150 000 rubles.

2. IT specialist - 60 000 rubles.

3. Manager of internal communications - 150 000-250 000 rubles.

4. Accountant - 30 000-350 000 rubles.

5. Head of the top level (several million dollars).

It is worth mentioning that not allprofessionals have such salaries. To officially receive such amounts, in addition to knowledge, connections and fortune, diligence, responsibility and patience will be required. In the presence of these variables, coupled with a purposefulness and dedication, any graduate will be among those who have the highest salary in Russia.

Salaries by region

It's not a secret for anyone that the standard of living in different regions is different. So where do the people who live and work in Russia get the highest salary?

Of course, the biggest salaries are paid in Moscow and the cities that are near. These are Mytischi, Khimki, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Serpukhov, etc.

Cities of the Tyumen region invite hardworkingcitizens, offering them salaries no less, and sometimes more capital (Tyumen, Noyabrsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Surgut, Salekhard). It is here that people who have the biggest salary in Russia work, however, and conditions are one of the most difficult.

The third place in terms of wages is St. Petersburg.

If you intend to earn, and you do not have territorial restrictions, look for where better, do not sit still, move. Life is one, and you need to have time not only to work, but also to live!

Salaries in sport

For some people, sport is a passion and a sight, for someone- a life. Sport in Russia has always been in high esteem, and strong, talented, agile and persistent athletes defending the honor of the country received the love and respect of their compatriots.

Although often athletes and their salaries becomeobjects of jokes. Particularly goes to the players, although everyone who won or lost any serious competition was subjected to discussion. What is the reason for this? Maybe with the unjustified hopes of the fans? Maybe with round sums and other incentives?

A few facts about the salary from the sport:

  • The remuneration of the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko for the past year amounted to 6 081 000 rubles.
  • The biggest salary of a Russian football playerstriker, known as the Hulk, is 5,000,000 euros. So many annually receives a Brazilian football player under a contract for 5 years, signed in 2015 with FC Zenit. Russian football stars Kirzhakov, Shirokov, Denisov receive from 3 000 000 to 5 000 000 euros.
  • Medalists of the Sochi Games received the following rewards: 1st place - 4 000 000 rubles, 2nd place - 2 500 000 rubles, 3 rd place - 1 700 000 rub. and additional prizes.
  • Tennis player M. Sharapova takes 34 place in the list of the richest sportsmen of the world, her income last year was 24 400 000 dollars.

 the biggest salaries in Russia

By the way, the salary of athletes is not so annoying to ordinary people, as, for example, the income of officials. But the fans are waiting for real victories!

Salaries in politics

Everyone heard the expression "Deputies are servants of the people". And almost always it sounds ironic. Still would! Have there ever been cases in history when servants were so richer than their masters? If you want to find out who has the biggest salary in Russia, you should start a search with civil servants.
who has the biggest salary in Russia

While the average monthly salary in the country isthis year is 32 000 rubles, the salary of deputies exceeds this figure by 15 times. The average monthly income of employees of the State Duma is 450,000 rubles. This is only a salary, but government officials are entitled to various benefits: free travel on all types of transport, except taxis, sanatorium treatment, service housing, surcharges to pensions (by the way, pensions are significantly different from usual ones).

The deputies themselves do not hide that most of the colleaguesundeservedly gets his money. And they offer different ways of modernization: cutting wages, signing "effective contracts", paying only days worked (until now this was not), carrying out staff rotation.

It should be noted that by the presidential decree from March 31, 2015 until the end of the year, the salary of officials will be reduced by 10%.

Tell me exactly how much you get

Who has the biggest salary in Russia in politics? Data for analysis are taken from the Kremlin website, which presents tax returns for the past year:

1. A. Khloponin (Deputy Prime Minister) - 280 600 000 rubles.

2. M. Abyzov (Minister for the Open Government of Russia) - 222 million rubles.

the biggest salary of a football player in Russia

3. Yu. Trutnev (Deputy Prime Minister) - 179 million rubles.

4. D. Manturov (head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade) - 113 500 000 rubles.

5. D. Medvedev (Prime Minister) - 8 million rubles.

6. V. Putin (president) - 7 600 000 rubles.

7. S. Lavrov (Foreign Minister) - 6 100 000 rubles.

8. N. Nikiforov (Minister of Communications) - 4 900 000 rubles.

9. N. Fedorov (head of the Ministry of Agriculture) - 4 7000 000 rubles.

It is curious whether the deputies are interested in the question of who has the largest salary in Russia. Or are they above all this?

Revenues in show business

The biggest salaries in Russia, or, as theirit is customary to call in this sphere, fees, from creators of culture, recreation and entertainment. Known for its ratings, Forbes magazine presented the world with the list of the highest paid stars of 2014:

  • N. Mikhalkov (actor and director) - the total amount - more than $ 2,500,000.
  • I. Okhlobystin (screenwriter, actor and director) - 2 000 000 dollars.
  • F. Bondarchuk (director, producer and actor) - $ 1,900,000.who in Russia gets the biggest salary
  • S. Bezrukov (actor) - 1 200 000 dollars.
  • I. Urgant (actor, TV presenter) - 5 000-8 000 dollars per concert.
  • V. Gergiev (artistic director of the Mariinsky Theater) - 16 500 000 dollars.
  • G. Leps (singer) - 15 million dollars.
  • S. Mihajov (the singer) - 9 800 000 dollars.
  • F. Kirkorov - 9.7 million dollars.
  • E. Vaenga - 3 000 000 dollars.

It is interesting that the salary of these people is largelydepends on us. Of course, talent, finances, hard work lead them to the peak of popularity. But if a simple spectator were not interested in their work, the income would be much less.

But still…

Apparently, there are people who get decentpayment for their work. And still the main question remains: "Who has the biggest salary in Russia". Forbes magazine decided to understand and compiled the rating of the most highly paid leaders of our country.who has the highest salary in Russia

The three leaders are headed by the head of Sberbank G. Gref. His income for the year is $ 15 million.

Second place was given to the head of Gazprom A. Miller and the chairman of the board of Rosneft I. Sechin, each of them earns at least $ 25,000,000 a year.

The first place is confidently held by the Chairman of the Board of VTB Group A. Kostin. A few years ago, his annual income was estimated at $ 30,000,000.

To earn honest work is a noble cause, and to earn a lot is an art, the secrets of which are not accessible to everyone.

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