Who sold Alaska to America?

From this article you will find out who sold Alaska to America, under what conditions and when it happened. Such an interesting event over many years has become overgrown with myths and speculation. Let's try to figure out what's what.

The sale of Alaska by the Russian Empire was made in 1867. The amount of sales amounted to just over seven million American dollars. Alaska was sold into the possession of the North American United States. The area sold sold was just over 1,500,000 square kilometers.

The reason Alaska was sold

Naturally, such a sale has its own purpose and reason. The fact is that at the beginning of the nineteenth century, Alaska brought significant revenues through the fur trade. However, by the middle of the same century, it turned out that the costs would later be much more than the potential profit. The costs were a banal content and protection of this territory, which, moreover, was very remote.

The very first time, N. Muravyov-Amursky, in 1853, initiated the sale of Alaska.This man was the governor-general of Eastern Siberia. In his opinion, such a deal was inevitable. Four years later, the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich, who was the brother of Alexander II, initiated the sale of Alaska. Formally, the offer came from Edward Steklya, a famous Russian diplomat.

Negotiations on the sale took place precisely at the time when Great Britain presented its claims on this territory. Here is another reason why the Russian Empire was beneficial to get rid of Alaska.

The question of selling Alaska has been postponed several times. First, they waited for the expiration of the term for the privileges of the RAC (Russian-American Company), then the end of the US civil war. However, on March 18, 1867, President Johnson of the United States of America signed special powers to William Seward. Literally immediately after this, negotiations took place, during which an agreement was reached on the purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire for $ 7 million.

Direct sale and transfer of Alaska

The signing of the contract directly took place in 1867 on March 30, in the city of Washington.The sales contract was signed in the so-called diplomatic languages ​​- French and English. Interestingly, in Russian, the official text of the treaty simply does not exist. Under the terms of the treaty, the entire Alaska Peninsula passed to the United States, as well as a coastline 10 miles wide south of Alaska.

Although the United States Senate questioned the expediency of such a purchase, the deal was supported by the majority of members.

On October 18, 1967, Alaska was already officially transferred to America. On the part of Russia, the protocol on the transfer of territory was signed by A. A. Peshchurov. This man was a special government commissioner, captain of the second rank. Interestingly, the Gregorian calendar was introduced right on the same day. Because of this, Alaskans woke up on October 18th, although they went to bed on October 5th.

So who exactly sold Alaska?

Alaska was sold by Alexander II. Here, who sold Alaska to America. The agreement was signed by Edward Stekl. By the way, as a token of appreciation, Alexander II of Russia granted the Russian diplomat, Glass, the Order of the White Eagle, as well as a remuneration of twenty-five thousand rubles a one-time and a pension of six thousand rubles every year.

There are a number of popular myths about the sale of Alaska that are not true:

  • "Catherine the Second sold Alaska." This could not be, if only because the treaty was signed in 1867, and Catherine the Second died in 1796;
  • "Alaska was leased, not sold." The myth of pure water. How, but there are documents proving the opposite;
  • “In Alaska, after some time, a gold field was discovered at Klondike. Thanks to this gold, all expenses have been reimbursed to the Americans many times. ” It can not even comment, as Klondike is in Canada.

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